Alex Rodriguez Allegedly Trying To Make Jennifer Lopez Jealous By Dating Demi Moore, Sketchy Source Says


Are You Alex RodriguezAnd Demi Moore dating? According to one report, Moore is currently dating the ex-Seattle Mariner in an effort to make it big. Jennifer Lopez jealous. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘A-Rod Touches Bases With Demi!’

The National EnquirerRodriguez is determined to get rid of Lopez. To do this, he’s set his eyes on Demi Moore. An insider explains, “He wants someone who could thrust him back in the spotlight, which he can’t do on his own.”Rodriguez has had a crush upon Moore for many years.

“He thinks she’s still incredibly sexy and has long fantasized about dating her,”An insider claims. They were seen together at dinner in 2012. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, Moore is content being single. Insider’s conclusion “Even if she did want to date again, she’s not interested in a guy who’s all about the show and, worse, has been labeled a cheater!”

What We Know About Alex Rodriguez’s Love Life

This story has been crafted to appear that Rodriguez and Moore are already engaged. The headline blares “A-Rod touches bases with Demi!’ in enormous letters, but the story backtracks very quickly.

Rodriguez and Moore were successful Dinner in 2012. Rodriguez was with WWE superstar Torrie Wilkinson, while Rodriguez was going through her divorce from Ashton Kutcher. It wasn’t even a date, but you have to respect the Get in touch’s very long memory. The two haven’t publicly interacted since the meeting, so this story doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Ironically, this story’s mere existence is proof that Rodriguez can get headlines without Lopez. Rodriguez is still a big deal in the media, and his commentary work will keep him relevant. He’s on the MLB hall of fame ballot for the first time this year as well, so he’s not going anywhere.

Rodriguez Stories

In 2017, Rodriguez was called a cheater by the tabloid. This was years before Rodriguez actually strayed. He was simply going about his business, and it called him a Lopez stalker. It also claimed he was desperate for a rebound, yet he’s still single months after the breakup. The Get in touchRodriguez-based stories are not reliable, as it has been proven again.

Moore’s appearance was criticized by this outlet just a few month ago. They claimed she was unrecognizable because of plastic surgery. She was also said to be starving for roles. This coverage is more scandalous than the Rodriguez coverage. These two got dinner once almost 10 years ago, but that’s hardly proof that they may date now.

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