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WARNING, DANGER: Vladimir Putin’s political foe is currently behind bars in a less severe jail. But he fears he may be sent to Melekhovo colony.

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Navalny’s team suspect Putin ‘will kill’Man

Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader jailed, fears that he will be sent to prison. “torture”His new sentence will be sent to a prison known for its sexual violence.

The Melekhovo maximum security penal colony is notorious for its brutal beatings and rape of male inmates.

Navalny is a Vladimir Putin foe and currently resides in another more harsh prison. “My [new] verdict has not yet entered into force, but prisoners from Melekhovo maximum security colony write that they are equipping a ‘prison in prison’ for me there.”

Navalny has said that he wants to replace Putin, and says he would win an election if it was not rigged in the Kremlin leader’s favour.

Mediazona, an independent media outlet, revealed last year that there were allegations of sexual violence and systematic torture at Correctional Colony No. 6.

Ivan Fomin, a former convict, claimed that Roman Sahakyan the governor of the colony had threatened him with a lawyer.

He was warned that if he didn’t cooperate, he would be punished “they would rape me, and tie my legs and hands from behind.

“I would lie down, and they would beat my heels and ass.

“After that, if I did not confess, they would [rape] me with a [spade] handle, and then put this in my mouth.”

He witnessed another prisoner being punched in his stomach and beat with piping to his bottom and heels.

The prisoner were then “raped”He was not happy with the piping that was later forced into him’s mouth.

Navalny’s press secretary Kira Yarmysh said that while torture is used on prisoners in many Russian colonies, this jail is “a monstrous place even by such insane standards.”

She stated that the facility had received numerous testimonials.

In March, Navalny – who nearly lost his life when he was poisoned with Novichok – was sentenced to nine years of strict regime prison for ‘fraud and insulting the court’.

Vladimir Putin had promoted the judge before the sentence was handed down.

The new sentence will see him transferred to a harsher prison.

Navalny is regarded as the most charismatic Putin foe. The Russian leader refuses to even mention his name.

A lawyer, the opposition politician has relentlessly exposed alleged corruption in Putin’s circle.

Navalny claimed that the case against his was fabricated in his final speech to court.

He spoke out against the war on Ukraine and promised to continue his efforts. “continue to fight the authorities”He declared that he was afraid “neither the FSB, nor chemical weapons, nor Putin.”

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