Alfonso Ribeiro Explains Why ‘Fresh Prince’ Isn’t His Biggest Hit


When people think about Alfonso RibeiroThey associate him often with his role in Carlton. The New Prince of Bel-Air. A truly iconic 90’s show that many people still watch religiously in reruns. Will SmithHe is currently working on his memoir, called WillHis former co-star is not planning on reading it right now. Truth is, Ribeiro doesn’t even consider the show his biggest hit.

It’s Not Unusual

What most people fail to understand is that just because something someone was on was a massive hit, doesn’t mean they have the same It is a joy shared by all who are involved.Who saw it? The truth is that there was a lot of drama on the set. The Fresh Prince, which reflected itself in the public firing of the show’s matriarch, Janet Hubert. They may have played the perfect family on television, but it doesn’t mean that was the dynamic of the cast behind the scenes was just as rosy.

Carlton Doesn’t Wanna Dance Anymore

Known for his iconic dance to Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual on the show, Ribeiro has love for the show but has also worked to distance himself as only being seen as that character. His stint on Dancing With the StarsHis long career includes hosting shows and hosting. But when asked how he felt about Will Smith’s new book, he didn’t waste time mincing words about just how he felt. It isn’t bad. It is just very honest.

We are not interested in revisiting the past

“I don’t know if I’ll read the book because I know the people.”This is simple and makes perfect sense. He went on to reflect further about his career, saying that he regards his time hosting as his greatest accomplishment. America’s Funniest Home Videos based on the fact that he hosted the show for longer than he played Carlton, it was his most successful career move. The Fresh Prince.

This makes sense when you think about. It makes sense that if you are known for something (aka his Carlton Dance), you can live your whole life trying to escape from it. Ribeiro is very skilled at what he does. Sometimes it is enough to just take a deep breath and step back. Although there is no animosity between them, Ribeiro has his sights set on the future, not the past.