Ali Fedotowsky, a ‘Bachelorette” speaks out about Battling Shingles. ‘Like Lightning Bolts Pulsing through My Brain’


A “Bachelor Nation”Fan favorite is her sharing her experience with shingles, in the hopes of helping others.  

Ali Fedotowsky felt a tingling sensation in the forehead and thought it was a reaction from a Botox injection.  

“It was awful, it was really awful,”She spoke.    

It wasn’t the Botox; it was shingles, which is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Fedotowsky was left with a painful rash.  

“I just had like two little, they looked like tiny little pimples, pop up right here and then as the days went by, they started blistering out and then it started coming down here,”Inside Edition was able to understand her explanation.  

After that, she began experiencing severe nerve pain, which is a common shingles complication.  

“It felt like lightning bolts pulsing through my brain,”She stated, it was becoming emotional.  

Fedotowsky was first in the public eye after she starred as a character in Season 6 of “The Bachelorette.” She picked Roberto Martinez as her fiancé, but the relationship didn’t last. She’s now married to TV and radio host Kevin Manno. They have two children together.  

“I didn’t think I was gonna get emotional talking about this, but the pain was so bad that there was times that I would wake up in the middle of the night just screaming, just begging my husband to make the pain stop,”She spoke of her experience using shingles. “I would compare it to childbirth.” 

Fedotowsky was stunned to discover that shew was infected with the virus often associated with older adults.  

“’I’m only 37 years old. how could this possibly be happening,”She spoke. “I always thought it happened to people in their 60s.” 

Shingles occurs most frequently in people over 50, but Fedotowsky’s dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Lee, said it is on the rise among younger people.  

Fedotowsky is hopeful that Fedotowsky’s story will be helpful to others suffering from shingles.  

“Even though I caught it early, it was still so intense, so I just want to spread awareness so other people can catch it right away, because that’s key,”She spoke.