Alia Shawkat finally opens up about Brad Pitt Dating Rumors


Alia Shawkat Brad PittThey became an unlikely tabloid pair in 2020. They were only ever just friends, but that didn’t stop the press from obsessing over Shawkat’s every move. The Arrested DevelopmentStar finally talks about what actually happened.

A Quick Review

Brad Pitt is one of the most prominent male celebrities in American tabloids. He’s been a fixture for decades within their pages, and can’t befriend a woman without it becoming a major news story. Shawkat’s a Hollywood veteran, but for a few months in 2020, she was apparently Pitt’s everything.

Stories were flooding in to claim everything. Shawkat was either pregnant by Pitt, or was she getting married to him. The two were believed to be moving in together. Because they began hanging out, all of this happened. Shawkat’s always denied any romance them, and now she’s really opening up.

Didn’t Have A Clue

In an interview with The New YorkerShawkat was asked about the experience under such conditions. Tabloid spotlight:. She was also asked if she found the media circus entertaining. “It was not fun at all. I’m not an actor who has ever dealt with the paparazzi,”She says.

Pitt was not the cause of her frustration. “he’s a great fucking guy. But of course, the idea of me being romantically involved with an older white guy is what gets me the most attention.”Shawkat wishes her 20 year career was more popular. Shawkat says the paparazzi stalked her fiercely: “There are all these embarrassing photos, they had followed me there. Then they just disappeared, and now they don’t give a shit.

It was a gift her grandmother loved

While Pitt and Shawkat were not an item, it did delight Shawkat’s grandmother. Shawkat saw one of many tabloid covers featuring her face while on a recent trip. Shawkat asked her grandmother. “‘Why do you have this?’ She’s, like, “It’s you and this movie star! And it’s your face.”It was embarrassing for me. I told her that she needed to throw it out. And she laughed.”

The interview also offered some wisdom about Pitt. Shawkat’s words are in keeping with his reputation “he had no awareness of [the rumors] at all. Which is so funny. Because he doesn’t read that shit.” Pitt told her, “I’m sorry. It happens. If you hang out with me, it happens.”

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