Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash Celebrate 27 Year Anniversary of ‘Clueless.


It’s impossible not to love Clueless. Now that the internet has fully embraced ’90s nostalgia, there’s never been a better time for Alicia Silverstone to remind us of her magnum opus. Here’s how Silverstone and her Clueless Stacey Dash was inspired by the classic high school comedy to which she is a co-star.

Cher And Dionne Reunite!

Name a more famous duo! In a TikTok video, Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone delighted their fans by reuniting to be their Clueless characters.

Silverstone and Dash starred as best friends Cher and Dionne in the 1995 reimagining of Shakespeare’s Emma. It’s safe to say that both they and the film have aged Very well. Silverstone and Dash, the timeless comedy that has never stopped laughing, turned 27 years old this summer.

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Silverstone and Dash lip-sync to one of the most memorable conversations in the film, as shown in the video Dash posted Sunday. “Would you call me selfish?”Silverstone called Dash Cher. “No—not to your face,”Dash responded by being Dionne. The two icons then broke into dance.

Although the film was intended for Gen X teens, Gen Z and Millennials have fallen in love. Fans were ecstatic over Silverstone and Dash’s reunion, giving the video over 600k likes in the first 24 hours after it was posted.

Stacey Dash shares behind-the scenes look

Dash shared a video Monday giving fans a sneak peak “Behind the scenes of a Gen X TikTok.” In the clip, Dash revealed that it took a few tries to film their 10-second video since they couldn’t stop laughing. She also shared a cute photo of herself and Silverstone. “It was lots of fun, oh how I’ve missed us.”

Of course, Dash isn’t the only one with CluelessShe has been thinking about it lately. Silverstone shared an adorable video of two girls dressed in the movie’s Cher and Dionne costumes on Halloween.

The classic comedy from 1995 has seen a growing fan base. Donald Faison, who starred as Dionne’s boyfriend, Murray, in the original film, has said he’d totally be on board for a sequel. “I pitch this all the time, that we should do a movie,” He told the story PeopleThis year, earlier, floating the idea that the film could follow the original characters’ children.

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Faison’s daughter even dressed up as Dionne this Halloween, proving that the next generation loves Clueless As much as you do!

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