All 17 Bronx Fire Victims Identified, including 8 children and 5 members of the same family


All 17 victims of this past weekend’s large fire in a Bronx apartment building were named Tuesday by authorities, the New York Post reported.

The youngest victim of the inferno was 2 years old, with the oldest being 50, the Post said.

All of the victims died of smoke inhalation, according to the medical examiner’s office. According to authorities, the cause of the fire in the 19-story building is believed to be a defective electrical heater.

Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, was on the job for less than two weeks. He called the incident an “incident”. “unspeakable tragedy.”

According to the New York Post five members of a family were killed in the fire. Haji Dukuray, 49; Haja Dukureh (37); and their children Mustapha Dukureh (12), Mariam Dukureh (12) and Fatoumata Dukureh (5 each perished).

According to the Fire Department, four members of another family died in the fire. People. Fatima, 23-year-old Fatima was at work when Fatoumata Drammeh told her that her brother Muhammed Drammeh was 12 and her sister Fatoumala Drammeh was 21. Aisha and Aisha Drammeh were 19 and 21 respectively.

Fatima’s cousin, Nhuma Darame, has organized a GoFundMe page for her relative. The following is the GoFundMeDarame, Darame’s cousin Yagub Drammeh (16 years old), posted the following: “was the only one rescued from the building and is currently being cared for in the hospital.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the campaign had raised more than $126,000. The money will go towards Drammeh’s housing costs and Drammeh’s brother’s medical bills.

Fatoumata Tunkara (43), and Omar Jambang (66) died in the fire. According to a GoFundMe, Tunkara’s four other children, aged 9-19 years, survived. Her cousin reports it on the GoFundMeThe page explains that the deceased were visiting a Bronx friend when the fire broke out. They plan to send the bodies back to Gambia to be buried.

Sera Janneh, 27, a college student, perished while her family was able to get to safety. Janneh’s youngest sister Aisha is currently “intubated with hopes of recovering from her injuries,”According to GoFundMe.

Ousmane Konteh (2 years old) was the youngest victim. Other children lost on Sunday include Haouwa Mahamadou, 5, and Seydou Toure, 12, according to the New York Post. 

Hagi Jawara (47) and Isatou Jabbie (31), leave four children behind.

Two malfunctioning doors caused the deadly Bronx fire, according to fire officials.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the apartment’s front door and another on the 15th floor should have been self-closing, which would have helped to block smoke, but the doors stayed fully open.

Residents were forced to close their windows because toxic smoke was rising from the 19-story apartment block.

Twitter: Fire Department of New York warns residents about dangers of open doors in homes during fire alarms

“Closing the door behind you when escaping the fire will trap the fire, prevent it from spreading and save lives,”The message was sent.