All about Ben Shapiro’s Sister Abby, Opera Singer and New Mom


Ben ShapiroHe is well-known as a political commentator and has been viral for his views on current events. But what do we know about his sibling? Abby Shapiro Roth?

Roth shares her thoughts and lives online, just like her brother. Roth is a social media influencer with around 106,000 YouTube subscribers. Roth is also an opera singer who has been classically trained.

Roth’s parents encouraged Roth and her siblings into music. Roth is a great fan of music. This makes sense; the Shapiro siblings’ father is a professional pianist, and the pair even shares a famously artistic cousin! Roth even said that Shapiro could play the violin. Roth continued his studies in music at college. He attended the University of Southern California as well as the Manhattan School of Music. 

Roth began uploading YouTube singing videos. She then added makeup tutorials to her YouTube channel and reaction videos. Roth eventually started uploading political commentary and social commentary videos. The now-famous “WHY I CAME OUT AS CONSERVATIVE” video. 

She posts regularly, with videos that cover topics like fashion, holiday traditions, and her thoughts as a wife, mother, and husband. Roth recently reached 100,000 subscribers. She posted a photo of the plaque YouTube sent to celebrate the occasion.

“IT’S OFFICIAL! YouTube sent me a plaque and everything!”Roth wrote. “I know I’ve already said it, but reaching 100K was such a milestone for my channel and I am so grateful you all are here.”

The Roths’ New Baby

Roth is a social media guru and a mother. Her son is with Jacob Roth, her husband. Jacob and she have been together since 2017, when a mutual friend introduced them. The next year, they were married. Jacob, who attended the University of Virginia School of Law, is currently working as a staff attorney at Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth organization. 

The couple welcomed their first baby together in March 2022. “Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Roth,”Roth captioned a photograph of the newborn. “Born on March 19, 2022, Jacob and I love him with all our hearts!”

“P.S. Any photos we share of our son will be from the first week of his life,”She continued her caption. “Other than that, he will be off social media. We also won’t be sharing his name publicly. Thank you all for your support and love throughout this pregnancy and motherhood journey!”

As she adds content about motherhood to her YouTube channel and Instagram account, it’s fair to assume that Roth’s audience can only go up from here—soon she’ll have an online presence to rival Shapiro’s!

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