All About His Marriage To Cassandra Troy


If you’re a fan of Hallmark movies, you probably recognize Andrew Walker. The 42-year-old actor has become one of the channel’s most popular stars, having appeared in nearly 20 TV films since 2012. He’s also landed roles on other well-known TV shows, including The Big Bang Theory, ER, Without a Trace, CSI: New York, and CSI: Miami. While he often plays characters who are searching for love, the Canadian-born performer is actually happily married in real life. Here’s everything you need to know about Cassandra Troy.

Who Is Cassandra Troy?

Unlike her celebrity husband, Troy is not in the entertainment biz. While she got her start in fashion, she quickly pivoted to business when she discovered her passion for food and wellness. “I always felt my true calling was in the food industry, inspiring people to live healthier lives through moderation, conscious eating, and making approachable great tasting food,” she explained in a recent interview with

In 2013, Troy opened a small cold-pressed juice shop in Hollywood called Clover. She did it with Walker’s help—in fact, the couple decided to use the money they had saved for their wedding to start the business.

It ended up being a smart move, as the brand quickly grew in popularity. Now called Little West, it’s become one of California’s premiere juice companies, supplying its 100% pure fruit and veggie drinks to high-end grocery chains, hotels, restaurants, and other venues throughout the state. Little West’s cold-pressed juices are also available to consumers online, along with blog posts and other helpful healthy living content.

Troy says that building the Little West brand over the few years has been one of her greatest accomplishments. “My greatest career achievement has been surviving eight years in one of the most competitive industries in the US,” she told “For having grace through the process, and for being selected as the juice partner for each of our cherished customers.”

The Canadian-born entrepreneur also has advice for anyone considering starting a small business, which she says is challenging but worth the hard work. “First, if it feels right, it’s right. Keep moving forward and don’t overthink it,” she says. “Second, ask for help! We are all in this together and more often than not, if you reach out, you’ll find a massive support system wanting to help you succeed.”

They Have Been Married Since 2013

Troy and Walker eloped in 2013, after deciding to invest the money they had saved for a wedding in their juice company. Because the couple is extremely private about their personal lives, we don’t know much about how they met or any other details about their relationship. But we do know that they currently have two children together—a five-year-old named West (he’s the inspiration of their juice business’s rebranded name, Little West) and a one-year-old named Wolf.

It’s also obvious that Walker and Troy are extremely devoted to their children and grateful for the opportunities they’ve had. “I say it to my wife all the time,” Walker said in a 2019 interview with “I think every day you have to give thanks and, for us, I feel like my career, my health, and my family …everything that I have is just a really…I feel very, very blessed, and Hallmark has been a big component to my being in the position that I’m in. They’ve really supported my family. Even our [juice] business.”

For Troy, it’s the support of her family and co-workers that helps get her through the more challenging aspects of being a full-time business owner. “The small business roller coaster is still a daily ride, but at least we’re finding ways to enjoy it,” she admitted in her interview with “What I’ve come to learn is that what I do is survive. By surrounding myself with a devoted team and an inspiring support system, I find ways to thrive, and I try to always enjoy the ride.”