All Russia’s most barbaric war crimes – from theatre bombing to bread queue massacre – World News


As horrific scenes continue to come from the war-torn cities across Ukraine, world leaders have condemned Vladimir Putin’s actions as war crimes.

Horrific scenes of bombed out buildings and street fighting have been played out in recent days in the southern city of Mariupol – while a convoy of Russian vehicles continues its approach to Kyiv.

Reports of the use of thermobaric vacuum weapons – which before detonating the cloud in a huge fireball that sucks up all the oxygen in the area – have emerged from the war zone.

Discussions are already underway about whether Russian president Vladimir Putin has committed war crimes.

Here we take a look at Putin’s horrific attacks on civilians and alleged war crimes across Ukraine

Hospital bombing

Last week Russian forces bombed a children’s and maternity hospital in Mariupol.

Horrific images showed pregnant women wading through masses of debris and rubble, while others were carried out on stretchers by rescue workers.

At least 17 people were injured in the attack, and this week it was tragically confirmed a mum-to-be and her baby had died.

She is believed to have died from crushing injuries to her pelvis.

President Zelensky once again called out Russian atrocities as they continue a barbaric campaign targeting civilians and the vulnerable left in warn-torn Ukraine.

He said: “Mariupol. Direct strike of Russian troops at the maternity hospital. People, children are under the wreckage. Atrocity!

“How much longer will the world be an accomplice ignoring terror? Close the sky right now! Stop the killings! You have power but you seem to be losing humanity.”

The clip shows one building totally destroyed and another badly damaged as wounded patients swiftly evacuate.

Children are reportedly buried under rubble after the Russian airstrike but it was not immediately clear whether there were any casualties.

The world condemned the horrific attack, with Boris Johnson calling it “depraved” – as the Vatican even commented saying there was no excuse for such an attack.

Theatre bombing

A drama theatre where hundreds of terrified Ukrainians were sheltering from Russian forces was razed to the ground in an airstrike, it has been reported.

Desperate Ukrainians painted the word “children” outside a theatre in a hopeful yet futile attempt to deter a Russian attack.

The large letters spelling out the Russian script warning came before forces went on to drop a powerful bomb on the theatre that was being used as a shelter for families in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The city council said it’s “impossible to estimate the scale of this horrific and inhumane act” and that efforts were underway to find the identities of the victims – and just how many innocent Ukrainians were slaughtered.

They confirmed the central part of the venue was completely destroyed, as was the entrance to an area being used as a bomb shelter.

The statement went on: “It is impossible to find words that could describe the level of cruelty and cynicism with which the Russian occupiers are destroying the civilian population of the Ukrainian city by the sea.

“Women, children, and the elderly remain in the enemy’s sights.

“These are completely unarmed peaceful people.

“It is obvious that the only goal of the Russian army is the genocide of the Ukrainian people.”

Bakery shootings

Thirteen Ukrainian shoppers queuing for bread were executed in cold-blood yesterday in the latest horror committed by Russian troops.

Shocking claims by America accused the soldiers of shooting people as they queued for bread in the embattled northern city of Chernihiv.

It was originally reported that ten people had died but the death toll has since risen.

There are growing fears the faltering Russian advance, beset by shocking troop and equipment losses, has led to soldiers picking out innocent civilians.

Even before midday yesterday (Weds) three bombers were shot down as it emerged 13,800 Russian troops had died in just 21 days of fighting. Within hours a Russian helicopter was blown out of the sky.

US embassy officials tweeted: “Today, Russian forces shot dead and killed ten people standing in line for bread in Chernihiv.

“Such horrific attacks must stop. We are considering all available options to ensure accountability for any atrocity crimes in Ukraine.”

Humanitarian corridors blocked

Russian forces have also been accused of blocking humanitarian corridors established to help civilians reach safety.

However, after establishing a ceasefire last week to allow for humanitarian rescue vehicles to reach and remove civilians, Russian forces were accused of breaking an agreement to launch an attack.

The Ukrainian defence ministry said on Facebook : “The enemy has launched an attack heading exactly at the humanitarian corridor.”

Ukrainian officials went on to say the Russian army “did not let children, women and elderly people leave the city of Mariupol.”

Mariupol city mayor, Vadym Boychenko said Russian forces continued to bombard areas densely populated by civilians as an estimated 200,000 people tried to flee.

Thermobaric bombs

Ukraine ’s human rights monitor said Russia used thermobaric and phosphorous bombs.

In the first week of the invasion, the Ukrainian ambassador to the US Oksana Markarova said the Kremlin had used the devastating thermobaric bomb – which is banned by the Geneva convention – during air strikes.

The high-power thermobaric weapons vaporise bodies and crush internal organs.

They use the atmosphere itself as part of the explosion and are among the most powerful non-nuclear weapons ever developed.

Oleksi Biloshytsky, chief of Popasna police, whose town is 60 miles west of Luhansky city, said over the weekend Russian forces used a phosphorous bomb weapon in his area.

Using an amalgamation of the words ‘Russian forces’ and ‘fascist’ he said: “It’s what the Nazi called a “flaming onion” and that’s what the Russcists are dropping on our towns.

“Indescribable suffering and fires.”

Civilians ‘held hostage’

A regional cover said Russian soldiers were holding patients and doctors hostage at a Mariupol hospital.

Parents have also been forced to leave premature babies in a hospital in the Ukrainian city with around 350,000 people trapped with food and water running out, say reports.

He also claimed that around 400 local residents and 100 staff had been rounded up as human shields and are being kept at the hospital in what he called “crimes against humanity”.

“It’s impossible to get out of the hospital,” Mr Kyrylenko wrote in a Telegram post. “They’re shooting hard, we sit in the basement.”

He continued: “Cars can’t drive to the hospital for two days already. High-rise buildings are burning around. Russians drove 400 people from neighbouring houses into our hospital. We can’t get out.”

In hospital three in Mariupol there are premature babies without parents who have been forced to leave, it is reported.