All The Times Royals Dare in Strapless Outfits


Non-working members of the British royal family do not need to follow the style rules for other royal ladies. Meghan Markle. That’s likely why the Duchess of Sussex stepped out during her recent New York trip in a daring strapless jumpsuit. Other royal ladies have also bared their shoulders in the name of fashion, but there’s one key difference that keeps them royal style protocol compliant. 

Meghan Markle’s Strapless Jumpsuit is Daring

Prince Harry and Meghan markle visited New York City last Wednesday to allow the Duke of Sussex to address the UN on Mandela Day. After the emotional speech, which drew praise from some and critiques from one of Harry’s frequent and vocal critics, the Sussexes went out to eat at one of New York City’s finest restaurants, Locanda Verde. Andrew Carmellini owns the Tribeca hotspot. 

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Markle chose a beautiful black and white strapless jumpsuit as a nod towards the fashionable locale. Gabriela Hearst’s design was worn with black stilettos and red clutch. This added color to the otherwise monochromatic outfit. By royal standards, this isn’t an outfit that would fit within the strict confines of the style rules royal women are governed by. 

Officially, Queen Elizabeth has several style guidelines that royal women must follow when appearing in public. These style rules have one thing in common: a modest, conservative appearance. Therefore, royal ladies are advised to avoid bare shoulders and other revealing outfits. 

However, rules can be broken. Even the one against exposing your shoulders to the public. These ladies were working royals and came within striking distance of breaking the rules, but they made a small concession and decided to keep to the right side. 

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Blueprint for Princess Diana

Princess Diana, rebellious as she was, was the first to break this rule and probably the most well-known. Her iconic “revenge dress”The LBD proved to be the best way to stand out and look amazing doing it. 

In order to avoid breaking the no strapless dress rule, Diana’s gown came with sleeves that left her shoulders bare, but wrapped around her upper arm. Technically, her dress was still in compliance with the rules. This was the model that other ladies would return to many times over the years.

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Princess Beatrice: A Breaker of Norms

2018 was a special year for sisters Eugenie and Beatrice, who traveled to Lima in Peru to attend a wedding. Both lovely ladies chose floral-patterned dresses, but older sister Beatrice raised eyebrows with her bold outfit. Beatrice, much like her aunt, was careful to follow the rules. 

With arms like her’s, it’s no wonder that Kate Middleton often chooses to rock an off-the-shoulder gown, particularly when she’s attending red carpet events. The Duchess of Cambridge takes a trip to the gunshow for glitz and glamour. 

Kate Middleton: Queen of Off-The Shoulder Gowns

Middleton’s style has been closely observed ever since she was first romantically linked to Prince William while the two were still attending college together. When it comes to the red carpet, it’s hard to find another royal woman who compares, though her sister-in-law Meghan Markle put up some fierce competition in her pre-royal days. 

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Middleton was on a 2017 German visit. This is one of our favorite photos. During one stop, Middleton put on this gorgeous little red number that’s a little daring, a little playful, and utterly beautiful on the duchess. 

Another dress we’d deeply love to snatch right out of Middleton’s closet is this slinky white ribbed number. With the zipper sitting cheekily on the front and the way it hugs Middleton’s every curve, this isn’t the sort of gown we expected from the royal, but she made it work and we’ll always envy her for it.  

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An Intimate Resemblance Between Outfits

Middleton made a few jaw drops at the premiere of The Crown recently. Maverick: Top GunShe was pictured in London with Tom Cruise, her husband. The dress she wore bears a remarkable resemblance to Markle’s jumpsuit, with one key difference: the sleeves. Middleton had them added on custom to the gown as a nod to the queen’s style guide. 

Both ensembles are effortlessly chic and worn with an impressive confidence that’s the ultimate accessory. With a little bit of daring, both Markle and Middleton proved that modern fashion isn’t off-limits, even if you’re a duchess. 

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