All we know about Ken Dixon, Jennifer Beals’ Husband


If you saw FlashdanceYou will remember Jennifer Beals (1983), the beautiful young woman wearing a slinky sweatshirt that accentuated her shoulders and who played a welder who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Beals’ film earned her fame despite being a bizarre plot. Beals went on to make other films with great success, including Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), The Last Days of Disco (1998) and Showtime series The L Word: Generation Q (2019).

Beals doesn’t let the fame go to her head, though, and likes being relatively anonymous in public. Maybe that is why, despite decades of stardom and acclaim, we don’t know a whole lot about the actress’ personal life—including her marriage to her husband, Ken Dixon. There is some information out there, however, so here’s what we know.

Ken Dixon: Who is he?

Ken Dixon, a Canadian entrepreneur and film technie, is Ken. Two children he has from a previous marriage are his.

Beals and Dixon Were Married in 1998

They share one child, a girl who was born in Oct 2005. They prefer to keep her private details as private as they can.

They own homes on both the west coast of Canada as well as in Los Angeles. They also enjoy traveling a lot. “I don’t know where I live. … I have a place in L.A. and another on the west coast of Canada, but I’m in New York, Toronto, Albuquerque—I am definitely a nomad,” Beals explained Architectural Digest. “I love traveling, but I do wish I could be home enough to plant bulbs and have a proper garden.” 

When they aren’t traveling, however, Beals said the couple’s private life is “cozy,”They also shared their evening routines.

Beals claimed that when she comes in the front door after a long day of hard work, it is because she has finally given up. “[t]ake off [her] makeup, meditate for a little while, or lie down on the floor with [her] dogs, which immediately lowers [her] blood pressure.”She and her husband cook dinner together from time to time, but they love eating at the same table.

She Previously Wed Alexandre Rockwell

Rockwell is a producer, director, screenwriter and professor. Rockwell made a name for itself in New York as an independent filmmaker, showcasing actors like Stanley Tucci or Steve Buscemi. Beals appeared in four films. Sons (1989), In the Soup (1992), Four rooms(1995), 13 Moons (2002). Beals was a Yale University student. They were married in 1986. The reason they split 10 years later is still unknown.

Jennifer Beals prefers to have the spotlight on her talent and work, not her marriage. She has been a star in films and TV series for nearly forty years and has kept her marriage private and away from the media. The couple’s home life reflects their unpretentious, serene, and informal tastes.

It’s nice to see a celebrity of Beals’ magnitude enjoying a high-profile career as well as mainly out-of-view roles as a wife and mother. It’s not an easy balancing act, but she seems to have it down to a science.

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