Allegedly Begging Prince Charles For Help Dealing With Meghan Markle’s Controversy


Is Prince Harry reaching out to Prince Charles to help save him from his California nightmare? One tabloid claims Meghan Markle led Harry into troubled waters with their megadeals, and now their precarious American life is crumbling around them. Let’s check in on the Duke of Sussex and Prince of York.

Prince Harry ‘Seeking Comfort’ In Prince Charles?

This week, Woman’s Day reports that after a rough start to the year, Prince Harry is “seeking comfort” in his father, Prince Charles. “It seems Charles reaching out to Harry has rather broken the dam,” an insider reveals. “Now, Harry’s on the phone to him all the time asking for advice after making a string of bad decisions.” Sources say the couple is out of their depth, failing to deliver any content for their streaming deals.

“Word is that Harry confessed to Charles that it’s all gotten out of hand,” the tipster dishes. “Most of it was Meghan’s idea, and she insisted she knew what she was doing. But it’s becoming clear that she’s just as out of her depth as he is. His life in California, estranged from his British family, is not what he thought it would be. He wanted a quiet life in the sunshine with his kids, not being dragged into all these Hollywood media games.”

And now, Harry is desperate to get away from his California life, even if it’s just for a little while. “Harry never thought he’d say this, but he misses England — and of course, Charles has told him he’s welcome home any time he likes. The Prince of Wales has invited him to stay at one of his residences should Harry need a break to think things through.”

Prince Harry Regretting Move To The States?

While there have been rumors that Harry and Charles are back on good terms again, we aren’t quite buying this tabloid’s version of events. First of all, the only controversial deal the Sussexes have made has been with Spotify. And despite their seemingly lackluster efforts to produce any content for the streaming platform, Spotify is still standing behind the Sussexes and vice-versa. Besides, with their many business ties, they’d hardly be in financial ruin if Spotify chose not to renew their contract.

But even if the duke and duchess were struggling, it’s unfair to place all of the blame on Meghan Markle. If anything, it’s Harry that’s been the most vocal about the toll royal life took on him and his desire to establish himself outside of the royal fold. The magazine’s portrait of Markle as the controlling mastermind and Harry as her unwitting follower is just false. Until the Sussexes address these matters directly, it’s safe to assume it’s all just mindless gossip.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve busted Woman’s Day for spreading false information about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Last summer, the outlet claimed Prince Harry was fleeing to Frogmore Cottage to get away from Meghan Markle. Then the tabloid reported Markle told Harry their children would never “see their English relatives again.” And more recently, the publication claimed Harry told Prince William he’d never return to the UK. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t reliable when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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