Allegedly Making ‘Lewd Jokes’ About Kim Kardashian To Cover Up Anger Over Pete Davidson Relationship


Is Kanye West insulting Kim Kardashian? One report says his ire at Pete Davidson has turned into lewd jokes at his ex’s expense. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kanye Talking Trash’

According to OK!, West is privately bashing Kardashian. An insider reveals, “He’s constantly making lewd jokes about her appearance and doing cruel impersonations of her whiny voice.” West’s apparent reason for dissing the mother of his children in an effort to look cool in front of Julia Fox and their entourage.

“He’s got Julia and his hangers-on rolling around in laughter,” a source says, “but the truth is he’s still angry at Kim for calling it quits on their marriage.” West has ranted publicly about Davidson, and his attacks at Kardashian are winning over his new crew. A source concludes, “They’re eating out of his hands, so the trash-talking is only bound to get worse.”

Kanye West Is Not Over It

If a hanger-on in Kanye West’s entourage started blabbing to this tabloid, they would be jeopardizing their place in his good graces. As such, it’s tough to believe OK! really has someone this close to West. The tabloid goes so far as to explain West’s inner motivation for the insults. 

The “Heard ‘Em Say” singer has never lacked confidence, so we doubt he’d be loose-lipped about his personal insecurities. He’s won more Grammys than you can shake a stick at and is seemingly immune to cancellation. It looks like Fox is already very happy with him and enthralled by his music, so he doesn’t need to make these jokes in the first place.

As far as his problems with Kim Kardashian, it doesn’t look like he’s just been making fun of her voice to his inner circle since he’s much busier attacking her parenting on social media. While it’s believable that West would talk negatively about his ex, there’s a good reason we think it’s limited to the more personal things that the rapper himself has posted online.

Other Bogus West Stories

This is the same outlet that promoted Kim Kardashian and Drake as an item. This never happened, nor did Kardashian call off the divorce. West also never bought Kardashian her own private island. These stories are as bountiful as they are bogus.

With a track record this lousy, it’s hard to trust a word OK! prints. When Kanye West has an issue with Kim Kardashian, it’s on the front page of numerous sites and any social media he can get his hands on. Given the bizarre specificity of this rumor, it is likely bogus.

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