Allegedly, Princess Beatrice Had ‘Shocking Falling Out’Royal Gossip Says with Princess Eugenie


Has Princess BeatricePrincess Eugenie‘s sisterly bond been strained? One tabloid claims that recent stressors for the York family have torn the sisters apart. Here’Here’s the latest gossip on the York sisters.

‘Shock Feud’The Secrets of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

This week Woman’s Day According to reports Princess Beatrice may not be as close as she used to be with Princess Eugenie. The report states that tensions between the York sisters have been building for some time and are now at a tipping point. “Things boiled over between them recently, after a good year or so of noticeable tension between the sisters,”An insider is trustworthy “Word among their friends is Eugenie hasn’t exactly been welcoming to Bea’s husband.”

Beatrice married Edoardo Maglio Mozzi in 2020. However, sources claim Eugenie was skeptical about the Italian aristocrat. “Eugenie never quite trusted him given he was previously engaged and already had a child,”The tipster dishes “She’s been cool towards Edo and Beatrice has had enough. It’s enough to break Beatrice’s heart given that Eugenie has been her best friend and confidante for her entire life.”

But romance isn’t the only place Eugenie and Beatrice don’t see eye-to-eye. Evidently, the sisters have a split on the subject of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s cousins. “Eugenie loves Harry and Meghan and fawns all over them constantly,”The snitch whispers. “Beatrice finds it grotesque given how they’ve treated her granny. Beatrice is a traditionalist and thinks the Sussexes got too big for their boots.”

York Sisters ‘Shocking Falling Out’?

As anyone with brothers and sisters can probably attest, you don’t always get along with your siblings. That being said, Beatrice and Eugenie’s bond has stood the test of time. Despite their family’s scandals and the pressures of growing up in the public eye, the York sisters have stayed close. 

And we definitely aren’t buying this story of Eugenie not liking Beatrice’s husband. Eugenie has always loved her brother-in law. Eugenie shared a sweet tribute to Beatrice after she and he had their first child. And Mozzi.

Just a few months ago, Eugenie and Beatrice joined forces with Sarah Fergusson to do a little charity work.

Lastly, it’s true Eugenie and her husband have stayed close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, we know that Eugenie has a stronger bond with the Sussexes ever since they retired from their royal duties. It is highly unlikely that there are any bitter feelings. And since Eugenie and Beatrice still seem close, it doesn’t look like we can blame the Sussexes for this made-up feud.

The Magazine on The York Sisters

We should also mention that Woman’s Day doesn’t have the best rap sheet when it comes to Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. The outlet reported last year that Beatrice and her husband were divorcing. Next, the magazine claimed that Eugenie and Beatrice were at risk of losing their homes. The magazine also claimed that Meghan Markle had cut all communication with the York sisters. So, we’re confident that Woman’s Day never had any insight into Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s lives.

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