Allegedly Told Queen Elizabeth He’ll Never Return To The UK Or Take His Kids There After Security Controversy


Did Prince HarryTell Queen Elizabeth that he’d never return to the UK? One tabloid claims the duke’s legal battle over security has reached a tipping point. Here’s what we know about Harry’s comments.

Prince Harry Delivers His ‘Final Blow’?

The most recent edition of Us Weekly reports Prince Harry isn’t bending on his demands for police protection when he and his family visit the UK. The duke recently shocked the world when he decided to take legal action against his family’s decision to revoke his royal security privileges. “They’re upset about it,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “These are matters that the royals would rather discuss privately, so for them, it’s another slap in the face.”

And the queen is growing tired of her grandson’s never-ending demands. “The queen’s hands are tied here,”The tipster is trustworthy. “There’s simply nothing she can do in terms of changing the rules. It’s out of the royal family’s control. They have no legal standing to make decisions for police protection.”Her Majesty is particularly upset that Harry withholds his children because of the dispute.

“The queen is heartbroken that she has yet to [hold] Lili,”Another source suggests “and hopes they can find a solution.” But no matter the conclusion, Harry’s actions are already making history. “There has never been a [legal action] like this before,” a royals expert explains. “It makes sense Harry would be the person to do this because of what happened with his mother… He is trying to make a change.”

The rest of the family wants to be sympathetic but can’t help feeling a bit annoyed with Harry. “William is the first to sympathize with his brother’s security concerns,”One of the insiders whispers. “But the never-ending drama and constant legal threats are just too much… The royals are already dealing with so much turmoil. Harry and Meghan’s timing is just appalling, as always.”

Royal Family Tired Of Prince Harry’s ‘Constant Legal Threats’?

While we’re unable to validate the salacious testimonies of the tabloid’s unnamed insiders, it’s probably true that the Sussexes don’t plan to return to the UK until they feel safe doing so. Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been under extreme scrutiny — they’ve faced harsher criticism in the United Kingdom than any royal in modern memory. Knowing this, they probably don’t want to risk their or their children’s safety until they’ve sorted out appropriate security measures.

However, Harry and The Firm appear to be at a deadlock. Source: Recently, the Daily Mail was informed, “When Harry left The Firm the terms of his divorce were clear. Like other members of the public, he and his wife are not able to hire armed cops at will — no matter how much they offer to pay.” And yet, Harry is pushing forward, insisting that his personal security detail won’t suffice in the UK. So, it looks like we’re going to have to just wait and see how the legal battle unfolds.

The Tabloid About The Royal Family

But, notably, Us Weekly hasn’t always been trustworthy when it comes to the British Royal Family. According to the magazine, Prince Charles had stopped Archie from receiving royal titles last year. The magazine then claimed that Prince Harry was alone. “trapped by Meghan.” And more recently, the publication alleged Queen Elizabeth was being urged to step down before it’s too late. So, it’s hard to take Us Weekly‘s stories about the royals at face value.

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