Allison Williams Shares the ‘Amount Of Things’ She Does As A Mom


Motherhood is a game changer. Allison Williams, the star of the new horror movie, is a good example. M3GAN. After giving birth to her son Arlo last winter, the 34-year-old actress can’t believe how different life is since becoming a parent. She’s also amazed at just how much she is able to get done in 30 minutes now that she’s a mom.

She is best known for her role as Marnie Michaels on the hit HBO series GirlsThe actress has recently opened her doors in Savannah Guthrie interviewed TODAYAbout her new role in horror film M3GANIn addition to her new role, she is now a mom.

The actress spoke out about how she’s adjusting to motherhood. She also admitted that being a parent has changed everything.

Williams said it: “Literally everything”Being a mother is a new experience. “Everything is unrecognizable to me now,”The actress made a comment.

Williams continued to share. “I had some friends who were like, ‘Most of the things stayed the same, a couple of things about my routine shifted.’”The actress was shocked to discover that the opposite was true after hearing about motherhood. Actually, “It’s all different. I don’t know how people do it any other way.”

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For the Girls star, motherhood has also changed what’s important to her. Arlo, it turns out, is all she thinks of.

“He is adorable,”Williams shared. “I’m very proud. I get weird and shy when I talk about it because it’s so new. I’m obsessed with him. [He’s] all I think about.”

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding roles

Williams spoke with Guthrie about her movie and being a mother after speaking with him. TODAYWith Jenna and Hoda.

Hoda was more vulnerable when she spoke with Hoda, so the actress agreed that motherhood is a good idea. “is one of the best roles”A person can have. “It’s great,”Williams shared. “It’s just the most unbelievable adventure. I feel lucky every day.”

The actress spoke out about the many changes motherhood has made in her life. Because her time is so precious, she was shocked to learn that she can now work at warp speeds! 

Williams is now aware that time is precious and organization is crucial as a mom. Williams shared this fact with us: “The amount of stuff I can get done in 30 minutes is unreal to me.”

It’s a sentiment that moms all over the world understand. Jenna was even inspired to ask. “Doesn’t it show you, too, that moms should just be in charge of everything?”

After all, if we weren’t able to organize and multitask, nothing would get done around the house. Then again, aren’t moms already responsible for everything?

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