Almost 3,000 People Suing Travis Scott In Fallout Of Astroworld Tragedy


Travis Scott is still dealing with the aftermath of the tragic events of the November 2021 Astroworld music festival. He and concert promoter Live Nation are now facing a lawsuit made up of almost 400 individual cases being combined into one class action. 

Thousands Of Individuals Are Suing Scott

The lawsuit will represent around 2,800 of the victims who were affected by the events of the music festival. During Scott’s Astroworld set, overcrowding and an out-of-control crowd led to the deaths of ten people and injured hundreds more. 

Since then, hundreds of cases have been filed against Scott and Live Nation. These cases will now move forward as one suit, with the formal go-ahead from a Texas court panel. The panel’s approval was given on January 26, allowing a joint motion from both the victims and the concert organizers to combine the litigation before one judge during pretrial hearings.  

According to court documents, the new, combined case is made up of at least 387 individually filed lawsuits. These suits claim that Scott and Live Nation were legally negligent in the planning and execution of Astroworld. 

Why The Cases Have Been Consolidated

With hundreds of cases to handle, it makes sense that the Texas courts would decide to consolidate for the pretrial stages. “We conclude that the cases arising out of [Astroworld] are related, and we find that transfer of those cases would result in more efficient pretrial of the related cases,” the court documents read. 

The total of cases is subject to change. These new filings will also add “tag-along cases,” which are suits filed at a later date. With these “tag-along cases,” and the possibility of other cases dropping out, the exact number of cases is expected to change. 

This combination lawsuit isn’t unprecedented; it’s actually very common in mass injury lawsuits. In addition to being more efficient for the judge overseeing the case, it also makes it easier for Scott and Live Nation to negotiate one big settlement for all parties instead of working with each individual person. 

Scott Feels He’s Being Blamed For The Events Of Astroworld

According to Billboard, the total settlement sum Scott and Live Nation are facing is in the billions. In addition to this monetary loss, Scott is also facing a storm of bad PR. In the days following the concert, the rapper was heavily criticized for stirring the crowd up and continuing to perform, even as fans in the crowd were screaming for help. 

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Scott said he felt the media were “forcing responsibility” on him because he was the face of the event. “Well, yeah, you know, I’m the face of the festival, I’m an artist,” he said. “So yeah, the media is…They wanna put it on me.” We’ll continue to follow the case as it moves forward in the months and years ahead.

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