Alton Brown reveals why he left Food Network for Netflix


Popular celebrity chef Alton Brown has revealed why he chose Netflix as his new home. Brown officially left Food Network after 21 years with Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron LegendHe hosts the Iron Chef competition series, which he co-hosts along with Kristen Kish. Kristen Kish is the 10th Season winner of Iron Chef. Top Chef.

Brown began hosting series on Food Network in the late 1990s. Good Eats, Iron Chef AmericaYou can also see other Food Network and Cooking Channel shows. Brown quietly left the network in 2020, after his contract expired. 

A recent interview was conducted with Variety for Iron Chef: QuestFor an Iron LegendAlton Brown, Kish and Eytan also spoke out about their fascination with Netflix’s decision years ago to restart. Iron Chef and became an instant fan of the project. “That took a little bit of convincing on a lot of different people’s parts. But I knew that the show was going to be happening, and I was sick with jealousy over the idea that I was at the wrong network at the wrong time,”Brown said Variety

“One day, my agent finally called me up after I had nagged him almost daily, and that was it. It was done. There was never a second thought for me. It meant removing myself from one network, but that was not a hard decision. Timing just worked out that I was able to extricate myself from that.”The show had a great success on Japanese TV., Iron Chef In 2005, the series premiered on Food Network. After 13 seasons, Food Network decided to cancel the series and Netflix purchased it. 

The executive producer and director Iron ChefVariety’s Eytan Keller said that he had met Brown during the debut of the show on Food Network.”I actually acquired the international rights to Iron Chef, so I was involved beyond just being on Scripps, at that time, and I had the option for the North American rights once-and-if Food Network decided not to reorder,” Keller explained. 

“We were all lucky enough with our good fortune that they decided they weren’t going to move forward.”This triggered my option and the bigger task began: How do we make it different?”

While Keller said he considered bringing the show to broadcast and had offers, “Netflix was my choice, from both a creative perspective and because of the way the audience responded to it. This show is extremely global and we are able to reposition it worldwide.”

Keller revealed that he felt “Lucky” the show wasn’t renewed at Food Network. “It was almost 13 years of work for Food Network. We were always asking them to redesign certain elements and to create a new environment. Kitchen Stadium was constantly being improved and refreshed.” he said. “Its uniqueness was diminishing. We offered many suggestions and they refused to follow our lead.”

“We tried to persuade Food Network to order it again. We offered them several format changes and options that would make it more functional. However, they simply moved in a completely different direction. Each platform has a reason to say yes or no. They decided that their arc was for “Iron Chef”It was done.”

The greatest advantage of the Netflix streaming model, according to Brown, “The fact that there aren’t commercial breaks every four minutes is a game-changer.” he said. “The second is that it’s streaming and people can binge watch the entire thing at once, which allows for longer story arcs. It’s radically different from other streaming services.

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