Alumna of ‘American Idol” Steps Out Of Mother’s Shadow with Amazing Audition


American IdolNadia Turner, an alumna, was shocked to learn that her daughter Zareh would be following her lead and auditioning for the same series. Turner’s daughter Zaréh will appear in an upcoming episode alongside her mom as she auditions for a highly coveted spot. 

Nadia placed eighth in 2005’s season of Idol. In her audition, Zaréh gave everyone a major throwback moment by sporting the same top her mother wore in her first AppearanceBefore the IdolJudges 20 years ago, when she sang JazmineSullivan’s “Bust Out Your Windows.”

The whole moment was completely unexpected. Ryan Seacrest asked the question. “Where did you think you were going?”Nadia replied that she believed they were going to the spa. 

Judges Lionel Richie & Katy Perry were moved by the moment and showed strong reactions after the singing ended.  “Mom was blowing up over there,”Richie commented on Nadia’s pride. Perry was moved by the mother-daughter session. He even wept when Zareh and Nadia shared an intimate hug.  

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