Alvin Kamara Assault Footage Leaks Amidst Lawsuit


TMZ SportsThe incident was captured on video and has been shared with Alvin Kamara‘s arrest. The incident took place on February 5, 2022. The video shows the player punching a man multiple times in The Cromwell Hotel, Casino in Las Vegas. Darnell Greene, the alleged victim filed a lawsuit against him in October 2022. He claims that he and the New Orleans Saints standout argued outside an elevator at Drai’s Nightclub. Greene claims that he tried to climb on the lift with Kamara (and co.), but Kamara stopped him. “throwing his arm across Greene’s chest,”Then, he attacked him. He said he had suffered injuries to his neck. “a disfiguring facial fracture to”Kamara is suing him for $10 million. Kamar’s side claims Greene started the fight. The video doesn’t prove this.

Kamara repeatedly hits Greene in the new footage. Greene is thrown to the ground by Kamara’s punches. Greene falls to the ground, and other men join the fray by punching, kicking, and stomping Greene. Kamara is wearing a white shirt throughout the video. 

Kamara is the running back for New Orleans Saints. He was taken into custody and charged with battery in Las Vegas as a result. In the aftermath, officers were sent to a local hospital to talk with Greene. 

Kamara was taken into custody. She was booked at Clark County Detention Center for a battery charge that resulted in bodily injury. Per ESPNAfter posting bond, he was released from custody. 

On Nov 6, the Saints will face off against the Baltimore Ravens. Kamara should be available to the Saints for that game as of now, barring any sudden suspension by the NFL. For similar offenses, league officials have imposed severe sanctions on other football players. 

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