Alyssa Milano posts a stunning throwback pic of Ageless Leah Remini


Alyssa MilanoRecent reminder to her Instagram followers about her long-lasting friendships with fellow actress Leah Remini. Milano and Remini were child starlets in the cast of Who’s The Boss?They later rekindled their friendship on screen in the short-lived sitcom Living dolls. While Milano’s face has changed quite a bit over the years, Remini shockingly looks almost exactly the same.

Alyssa Milano Shares Jawdropping Throwback Photo Of Leah Remini

When you start your acting career as a child star, it’s to be assumed that your face will undergo quite a few changes as you age in the spotlight. Alyssa Milano’s career was launched by her role as Samantha Micelli. Who’s The Boss, but she’s not the only beloved actress to get her start on the 80s sitcom. Although she only appeared in two episodes of the sitcom starring Tony Danza that she was a part of, it was enough for Leah Remini to be cast on the spin-off. Living dollsShe also starred alongside Milano and Halle Berry, in her acting debut.

That sitcom, which followed Milano and Remini’s characters as they navigated the world of teenage modeling, was far from a critical success. It was actually one of the few shows to earn an Emmy nomination. “F”Rating starting at People MagazineAfter only 12 episodes, the show was cancelled. Despite its failed status, the show helped develop the careers of three of today’s most beloved actresses. 

A long-lasting friendship

The show not only helped them in their careers but also created a friendship that Milano and Remini still enjoy today. When Remini began coming forward about her and others’ traumatic experiences in Scientology, Milano gave her support in a very public way by tweeting that she’d be watching the bombshell documentary Scientology: The Aftermath.

Milano shared a screenshot from an old picture, perhaps thinking back to Remini’s early days of friendship. Who’s The Boss?Episode guest stars on the King Of Queens star. These two teens were dressed in bright, bold, and long hair at the height of the late 80s and early 90s. It’s easy to see how Milano’s face has changed over the years, but it’s honestly a bit shocking how little Remini has aged.

Take a look at the Pic in All Its Glory

Maybe it’s her expression, or maybe it’s the heavy-handed makeup that was favored at the time, but we literally can not see any difference between this screenshot and the way Remini looks today. Sure, she’s not exactly rocking giant scrunchies anymore, but otherwise, we’re left wondering if Remini has access to a time machine that we were unaware of.

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