Amal Clooney Claimed to Have Warned George about His Relationship with A Star Last Year. Sketchy Rumor Claimed


Did Amal ClooneyWarn GeorgeTo keep his distance from an actress? One tabloid reported that Amal was jealous around this time last year. Let’s check back in on the Clooneys.

George Clooney Too Close with Co-Star

In April last year, National Enquirer Amal Clooney, reported that George and Julia Roberts were getting anxious about their film. Paradise Pass. “They’ve had a flirty dynamic from the jump, and it drives both of their spouses crazy with jealousy,” a snitch dished. “Amal has always been suspicious of George’s relationship with Julia—especially since she often came to George for advice when she had trouble with Danny [Moder].”

Apparently, even Roberts’ husband was worried about her friendship with George. Sources claimed George was concerned about Roberts’ friendship with her. “on thin ice”Amal invited his parents to move in with him. Things had already become tense for George and Amal, who suffered a serious medical emergency. Midnight Sky. “Amal is fed up with George’s risk-taking and making selfish decisions with her input,”The tipster admitted it.

George, however, felt that he needed a break with Amal. “George and Julia know they have chemistry, and both of them want to use it to make a hit flick. They also enjoy each other’s company and are on their last nerve with their spouses,”The insider concluded. “They want to do this—but they also both know they’re playing with fire!”

George Clooney ‘Playing With Fire’?

We were skeptical immediately about this story so we did some digging. Despite the magazine insisting that the Clooneys’ marriage was under stress, it really seemed like they were doing better than ever. George explained People He and in 2020. Amal had never actually fought.Amal and he have a unique marriage.

Furthermore, George and Roberts aren’t getting too cozy on set. The actress is married to Danny Moder and despite many tabloid articles saying that Roberts and she had a difficult marriage, they seem to be getting along well. Roberts and George, both actors of high caliber, are highly respected in their field. So, it’s just bizarre to suggest they’d be anything other than professional on the job.

George confided even more recently in People Once again, Roberts and he are like a family fire.Their new film, “The Movie,” is certain to be a huge success. “It’s going great, man. We’re having the time of our lives,”Clooney agreed. He also said that Roberts’ role in the movie was a big draw for him.

“The minute I read [the script] I called Julia, and I said, ‘Did you get this?’ and she said, ‘Yeah,’ and I said ‘Are you going to do it?’ and she goes ‘Are you going to do it? and I said, ‘Yeah, if you do it,’ ”He added. “So it was just one of those very lucky things.”George seems excited about the new project. So, it’s just insulting to suggest Amal would rain on her husband’s parade.

The Tabloid on George and Amal Clooney

The answer is obvious. National Enquirer hasn’t gotten any more accurate over the last year anywhere the Clooneys are concerned. Back in October, the outlet reported Amal was seething with jealousy over George’s friendship with Jennifer Aniston. The magazine then claimed “henpecked”George Clooney had given up Hollywood in order to save his marriage. And more recently, the publication alleged George and Amal were fighting over the actor’s drinking. Evidently, the Inquire doesn’t really have any insight into the Clooneys’ marriage.

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