Amanda Holden attacks Priti Patel’s GMB rant regarding the Ukrainian refugee crises


Amanda Holden has attacked Priti Patel for her handling of Ukraine’s refugee crisis.

On Tuesday, March 22, ITV’s Good Morning Britain featured a segment in which the TV personality attacked the Home Secretary Priti. “ridiculous”Refugees must fill out paperwork in order to enter the country.

Last week, Heart FM radio show host visited Poland to visit a refugee center and spoke to families fleeing war in Ukraine.

Amanda called in via videolink and talked to Susanna Reid (GMB) about her trip to Poland and the border with Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

Amanda Holden
Amanda attacked Priti Patel (GMB)

She said: “There was a Union Jack flag there and I spoke to the amazing volunteers from a charity who are trying to deal with it.

“The people sat there. We all are British and would all be able to fill these forms. And we’re British! This is an extremely sad situation. Priti, she doesn’t want immigration. Although I’m not politically inclined, it has made me very cross.”

Amanda slammed the government for leading with paperwork that requests refugees to state their financial situation and income.

Priti Patel
Amanda referred to the paperwork that refugees are required to fill out.

She also added: “But 35 pages of paperwork of which the first five questions are asking the refugees what their financial situation is, what their mortgage situation is, when they literally have a bag on their laps with all their possessions in.

“It’s absurd. Priti Patel is winning. We won’t be getting many people into our country, despite 150,000 people offering their homes. To be truthful, I’m very upset about this.”

This mother-of-two was praised for her remarks and criticisms of the Home Secretary on social media.

Amanda was at Medyka, a refugee camp in Poland.

One wrote: “Well done, Amanda Holden, for criticising Priti Patel’s cruelty. Words I never thought I would type.”

Another one: “Amanda Holden summed it up perfectly, nail on the head with that. Well done!”

The third author wrote: “So glad that Amanda Holden has criticised Priti Patel aka Priti Useless!”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War, according to the UN’s high commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi.

Good Morning Britain is aired weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV

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