Amanda Owen, from Our Yorkshire Farm, answers questions about husbands and sets fans straight.


Amanda Owen, Yorkshire shepherdess has revealed why she won’t post photos of Clive on social networking after being asked by fans about why he wasn’t in the New Year snaps

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Amanda Owen talks about ‘regrets’It’s great to be on TV

Amanda Owen has retorted to her fans after being asked by some why she doesn’t share photos with Clive on social networks.

Clive, 67 years old, is missing from many of the photos, but she is a regular sharer on Instagram and Twitter of photos of her children and Ravenseat Farm life.

After questions about her husband’s whereabouts were raised, the Yorkshire shepherdess took it to Twitter to clarify her husband’s absence in Christmas and New Year photos.

Amanda shared a number of photos from the past days that showed the family having fun in the water.

She captioned it: “Lots of wild things!”

Amanda also added the hashtags “#yorkshire #moorland #tarn #swim #NewYear2022 #wildswimming #outdoorswimming #bigskies.”

One Twitter fan asked, “After the flood of photos being shared,” “Can we have a photo with Clive on please?”

Amanda responded by confirming that Clive is not a photo of her on social media, and explaining why she has this unofficial ban.

The shepherdess said, “Not if he doesn’t wish to be on social media.”

Amanda previously spoke out about Clive’s disappearance from family photos by saying that he “hates”Social media

Explained by Channel 5: “He hates social media & the online news stuff and doesn’t want to be on it. That’s his choice.”

Amanda showed the children feeding the sheep Christmas Day. Reuben (6ft 6in) is seen on Boxing Day taking his horse Hazel with him for a ride across the farmland.

Amanda can be seen in these most recent photos “rugby tackling”A lamb to be cared for and treated by a woman.

She captioned the photos: “I see ewe. A few cases of blind illness amongst the sheep needing treatment.

“Wind, snow, and seeds from hay can cause irritations and infections.

“Only need one treatment and they are cured but they are fiendishly difficult to catch when their vision is limited.”

She continued: “The shepherds crook comes into play in times such as these.”

Her actions were certainly appreciated by her followers who were full praise for her handling the sheep.

One comment: “Superwoman, you could play rugby for England.”

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