Amanda Owen, from Our Yorkshire Farm, in a lookalike photo of her daughter


Amanda Owen from Yorkshire Farm shared an adorable selfie of herself and her daughter Clemmy. “spitting image”Of her.

47-year-old Channel 5 shepherdess uses social media regularly to document her family’s hectic life on their farm in Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales. She and Clive, 66, are supported by nine children.

She posted a tweet with Clemmy, six-year-old Clemmy, and Kate, her sheepdog Kate. Also included was a snap of what appears to be bags that were mother and daughter-sized hanging from a stone wall.

She updated her nearly 195,000 followers on Saturday night with weather updates and information about the farm’s lambing season.

Amanda Owen and Clemmy with their sheepdog Kate
Clemmy and Amanda Owen with their sheepdog Kate

The tweet has been shared more than 740 time and she stated: “A lull in lambing but there’s plenty of post natal shepherding required.

“The kind weather has helped matters enormously but there’s a thin wind blowing that keeps Spring in check. #yorkshire #spring #shepherdess.”

However, fans seemed a lot more interested in Amanda’s daughter and rushed to leave comments in praise of her.

One wrote: “Clem’s certainly earnt her oats this Easter, she’s a walking phenomenon with all the help she gives!”

Amanda tweeted a picture of two bags hanging from a stone wall
Amanda tweeted a photo of two bags hanging from stone walls.

Another tweet: “I love Clemmy’s lambing bag.”

Clemmy’s resemblance to her mother was the third comment made by another: “Oh my gosh, she’s the spitting image of you!”

Amanda shared another collection of sweet snaps earlier this week on Instagram, showing her daughters tending the lambs at the farm.

These photos were captioned “Teamwork makes the dream work. Beings hands on & letting the children be involved keeps them enthusiastic & interested.

“They can get quite competitive, though, and fight over who pours the milk.”

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