Amazing ancient Japanese mystery ‘killing stone’A demon is believed to have escaped from the cave.


Sessho – Seki rock is located in Tochigi mountains, Japan. It houses a nine-tailed fox that has been recently split into two parts.

A rock thought to contain an evil demon has been cracked open, triggering panic in believers.

Japan’s so-called “killing stone”The evil spirit was supposedly kept away from the country for close to 1,000 years.

Legend has it that the volcanic rock is home to the nine-tailed fox Tamomo No Mae.

Legend has itPeople who come in contact with the rock (officially called Sessho–Seki) will die.

Folklore claims that the stone constantly releases poisonous gas.

It was a tourist attraction that attracted tourists to Tochigi’s mountains, which are near Tokyo.

Its separation into two distinct parts has made some people nervous, with speculation that the evil vixen may have been resurrected to cause havoc again.

The demon was once said to have taken the form of a beautiful woman as part of a plot to kill Emperor Toba (who ruled Japan from 1107-1123).

Her true identity was a nine-tailed evil creature whose spirit lives in the volcanic rocks.

Reports suggest that the lava chunk has been split into two equal pieces in recent days. The Guardian.

Officials in Japan are now considering what to do about the rock.

One person said on Twitter : “I feel like I’ve seen something that shouldn’t be seen.”

Another commented, “I thought 2022 couldn’t get any worse. The stone has been removed from the hands of a furious Japanese spirit.”

A third joked: “My guess is that the demon will look at 2022 and decide to return to the rock for another millennium.”

It is believed rainwater might have got inside the rock and caused damage.

Some reports suggest this process might even have begun several years ago.

Experts are now looking at whether they can restore the Sessho-Seki.

A Nasu tourism official told the Yomiuri Shimbun he would like to see the rock restored to its original form.