Amazon October Prime Day: 44 Deals That You Can Still Shop After the Sale


Technically speaking, yes. A lip linerHowever, you can also color the lips completely. It’s waterproof, durable, highly pigmented, and has a matte finish. You can choose from 16 different colors. There are 4,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

One shopper stated, “This lip liner was the first “Expensive” lip liner I have ever purchased. Being a lady Gaga fan I have been searching for an opportunity to try her products and I needed a good brown lip liner! This is the best I have ever tried. It did not smear and stayed perfect through me chugging a protein shake, patting my lips to remove the protein and then even wearing a mask! My lip liner is still in place and looking great! This is a must buy and if your contemplating it because of the price. Just do it!”

Another favorite? “The Haus of Gaga liner (I started with Myth) goes on smoothly, stays all day, and basically is a Boyz II Men song in a lip liner. It’s gonna be with you all day, all night, and it’s gonna make you feel so good.”

The third customer shared the purchase. “Purchased one and went back for three more. They go on super smooth, great rich color and lasts a long time. Work from home and on video calls all day so I wanted something well defined but not over the top. These are really great.”

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