Amazon Prime to Get Everything in December 2021


Amazon Prime Video’s streaming library is growing! The streamer added Season 3 to its content library in November. HannaThe debut of The Wheel of TimeIt is based on the Robert Jordan fantasy series and will offer subscribers more content in December 2021. Prime Video will include new content that IMDb TV will be able to access for free, with no Prime membership required.

The highly anticipated biographical drama Being The Ricardos is one of the titles subscribers will be able to expect. Aaron Sorkin directed the drama, which centers on the love story between two people. I Love LucyStars Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Prime Video will also see original titles added to the library like With love, the romantic comedy series written and created by Gloria Calderón Kellett, the sixth and final season of The Expanse… and the Riz Amed- and Octavia Spencer starring sci-fi thrillerBegin a relationship. IMDb TV will allow viewers to play everything on the site. Alex Rider Season 2 of Sarah Hyland-hosted series Play-Doh SquishedYou can even get a new season of UNINTERRUPTED’s Top Class: The Life and Times the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers.

Amazon Prime subscribers receive streaming content as an added bonus. These include free two-day shipping in certain areas and same day delivery in other. Sign up to a subscription By clicking here. Prime Music and Prime Reading are available to subscribers. Amazon Prime is $119 per year or $12.99 per month. Prime Video can be purchased for $8.99 per month. Scroll on to see the new Prime Video features and IMDb TV for December.

Dec. 1 – Movies

Prime Video Movies
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)
Alex Cross (2013)
All is lost (2013)
The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss (2003)
Edward Scissorhands (1990)
End of Days (1999)
Guess Who (2005)
Halloween II (1981)
Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982)
Jennifer’s Body (2009)
Little Women (1994)
Mistletoe Mixup (2021)
Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011)
Pineapple Express (2008)
Pineapple Express (Unrated) (2008)
Ronin (1998)
Seattle’s Sleepless City (1993)
Soul Surfer (2011)
Talladega Nights, The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby (2006)
Hunt for Red October (1990)
The Proposal (2009)
The Royal Tenenbaums (2002)
The Thin Red Line (1998)
The Usual Suspects (1995)
The Waterboy (1998)
Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys (2008)
Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
What does love have to do with it? (1993)
As white as snow (2021)

IMDb TV Movies
Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights (2002)
Alpha & Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom (2017)
Alpha & Omega: The Big Fureeze (2016)
American Assassin (2017)
Annie (2014)
Beowulf (2007)
Bridget Jones’s baby (2016)
Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)
Chef (2014)
Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears Who! (2008)
Ender’s game (2013)
Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)
Funny People (2009)
Galaxy Quest (1999)
John Tucker Must Die (2006)
Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Let us know your thoughts on Juliet (2010)
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Marmaduke (2010)
Masterminds (2016)
Maverick (1994)
Megamind (2010)
Mr. Mr. (2002)
Nacho Libre (2006)
Norm of North (2015)
Family Vacation: Norm of The North (2020)
Norm of North: Keys to Kingdom (2018)
King Sized Adventure by Norm of North (2019)
Our Family Wedding (2010)
Phat Girlz (2006)
RED 2 (2013)
Santa Who? (2000)
Selma (2014)
Seraphim Falls (2006)
Taken (2008)
That’s My Boy (2012)
The Great Outdoors (1988)
The Jackal (1997)
The Joy Luck Club (1993)
The Last Song (2010)
The Prestige (2006)
The Secret Life of Bees (2008)
The Vow (2012)
Walking with Dinosaurs (2013)
What happens in Vegas (2008)


Dec. 1 – Series

Prime Video Series
The Discovery of Witches: Season 1 (AMC+).
A House DividedSeason 1 (ALLBLK).
Believe (2016) (UP Faith & Family)
BonanzaSeason 1 (Best Westerns Ever).
Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: Season 1 – History Vault
Christmas Everlasting(2020) (Hallmark Movies Now
Hallmark Drama’s Christmas Cookie Matchup: Season 1 (Hallmark Movies Now).
HostagesSeason 1 (Topic).
My Crazy Ex: Season 1 (A&E Crime Central)
Roadkill: Season 1 – MotorTrend
SanfordSeasons 1-2
Sanford And SonSeasons 1 – 6
Signed and sealed. Delivered to Christmas (2014) (Hallmark Movies Now).
The GulfSeason 1 (Acorn Television)
The JeffersonsSeasons 1-11
The Perfect Wedding Match (2021) (UP Faith & Family)
The Tom & Jerry ShowSeason 1 (Boomerang).
When the Heart Calls: Christmas at HomeSeason 7 (Hallmark Movies Now).

IMDb TV Series
Bewitched S3
Silent Witness S1-21


Dec. 3

Prime Video Movies
Joe Bell (2020)
We are X (2016)

Prime Video Series
Harlem Amazon Original Series Season 1

IMDb TV Series
Alex Rider IMDb TV Original: Season 2


Dec. 5 – Dec. 8

Dec. 5
IMDb TV Movies
A Lot Like Christmas (2021)

Dec. 8
Prime Video Series
FC Bayern – Behind the Legend – Amazon Original Series: Season 1

IMDb TV Movies
Triple 9 (2016)


Dec 9 – Dec. 10

Dec. 9
Prime Video Series
Ferragnez – Amazon Original Series: Season 1

Dec. 10
Prime Video Movies
Begin a relationship Amazon Original Movie (2021).

IMDb TV Movies
Play for children (2019)

Prime Video Series
LOL: Mexico’s Last One to Laugh Amazon Original Series Season 3
The Expanse – Amazon Original Series: Season 6

IMDb TV Series
Play-Doh Squished – IMDb TV Original: Holiday-themed Special


Dec. 12 – Dec. 18

Dec. 12
Prime Video Movies
A Christmas Star (2021)

Dec. 16
Prime Video Movies
Boxing Day (2021)
Christmas is Cancelled (2021)

Prime Video Series
With love Amazon Original Series Season 1

Dec. 17
IMDb TV Series
UNINTERRUPTED’s Top Class: The Life and Times the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers – IMDb TV Original: Season 2

Dec. 18
IMDb TV Movies
Christmas comes when Hope calls (2021)


Dec. 19 – Dec. 31

Dec. 19
Prime Video Movies
Joy for Christmas (2021)

Dec. 20
Prime Video Movies
Who do you think I am? (2021)

Dec. 21
Prime Video Movies
Being The Ricardos – Amazon Original Movie (2021)

Dec. 23
Prime Video Movies
Yearly depreciation – Amazon Original Special (2021)

Dec. 31
Prime Video Movies
Lady Of The Manor (2021)
Time is up (2021)

IMDb TV Movies
Escape Plan (2013)


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