Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Travel Backpack & It’s on Sale!


Are you curious to see what other Amazon shoppers think about this backpack? The following reviews are available.

“We walked all over Spain and this bag was so comfortable. It has just the right amount of pockets. I had no problems with the straps staying in the position I wanted. My girl got the same bag but in different colors and we were very pleased.”

“This backpack made me feel much more secure from pickpockets. I kept my wallet in one of the front pockets for easy access, but locked the zipper up with the included tassel. The other front pockets which I couldn’t lock up, I kept easily replaceable items (e.g. cheap sunglasses, first aid kit). Part way through my vacation, I started fondly referring to this backpack as a Mary Poppins bag because it’s deceptively large. Truly did not imagine I could fit so much in this bag, but it’s a champ and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Not only is the main compartment huge, but the pockets on the front are too. I could fit both my hands in there with space!”

“I wish I could recreate the moment I opened my package. I was totally shocked by how soft the material was. SUPER SOFT! Great quality. This backpack is perfect for vacation or daily use.”

“Needed something to make traveling easier and let me tell you, I think I might chuck my purse out and use this instead. Great quality. I can already feel this will last me a good while. Not to mention, it’s such a cute style and looks very nice on. If I could criticize anything about this bag it has to be the straps. The straps are a bit slippery on me, but that might be because of my rounded shoulders. They seem to slip off my shoulders a bit. But the heavier the load, the less likely that will happen. Over all 10/10.”

“Soft, thick, durable, and exceedingly good quality for the price.”

“This bag was a gift, and it exceeded my expectations. It’s the perfect size, the zippers are good quality, and I love the anti-theft pocket. The color is consistent, and the bag feels durable.”

“It’s been two months of daily use in Europe carrying SO much stuff, and it’s been really adaptable. I’m like a walking advertisement for this backpack because I love it so much. Wish there was more padding on the shoulders, but otherwise it’s been a great bag. I can carry a ton of stuff for me and kid including a portable potty, wipes, water bottle, umbrella, tissue, wallet, sunglasses, etc. So much fits into this bag. Hasn’t ripped at the seams, nothing’s coming apart, it’s been amazing!”

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