Amazon workers strike on Black Friday, as the retailer faces its busiest day of year


Amazon employees will protest today at Amazon warehouses, offices, and stores in Coalville (Leicestershire), Coventry, Peterborough, and its London headquarters

Amazon workers in 20 countries are considering industrial action to protest the conditions of their work and the pay they receive.

Employees in the US, UK and the EU will walk out and stage protests on November 26 as the retail giant prepares for its busiest day of the calendar year – Black Friday.

According to the Make Amazon Pay group: “Amazon takes too much and gives back too little.”

It is supported in part by trade unions, labor groups, grassroots campaigns, as well as non-profit-making institutions from various countries.

Trades Union Congress and the GMB are supporting protests in the UK calling for better rights of staff.

However Amazon’s UK warehouses aren’t unionised, so staff can’t legally strike.

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Amazon employees will be busy on the day. However, protest groups that include Amazon workers will demonstrate at Amazon buildings in Coalville (Leicestershire), Coventry, Peterborough, and its London headquarters.

In other countries, the staff won’t be working.

Germany’s union Verdi for instance called on workers at major shipping hubs to go on strike starting Wednesday night.

A total of fifty organisations have joined the list. “common demands”The Make Amazon Pay coalition published this report. It includes rising warehouse workers’ wages and increasing peak time increments and peak pay, and ending worker exploitation. “surveillance”Productivity targets.

They also want sick leave extended and the termination of ‘casual employment’ status.

“This company is a pandemic profiteer can afford to do better,”Mick Rix, GMB Union. “It’s time for Amazon sit down with their workers’ union GMB and make Amazon a great, safe place to work.”

Owen Espley, from the War on Want campaign group, said: “Amazon’s increasing power poses a threat for workers and communities around the globe.

“Amazon is abusing its dominance across online retail, cloud services, and logistics, to create unfair competition that is driving down standards for everyone.

“Amazon employees are subject to unsafe conditions and constant surveillance. They are also treated as robots.

“It’s time for Amazon to pay fair wages, fair taxes, and for its impact on the planet.”

Amazon revenue from £54billion in the first quarter of 2020 to £81billion for the three months to the end of March this year.

The UK action has been discussed with the business.

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