Amber Heard reacts to the Jury’s Decision in Trial and Social Media’s Role In Depp Defamation


Amber Heard has spoken out about the case of defamation brought against her from Johnny Depp.

Heard tells Heard that this is her first interview after the trial. “doesn’t blame the jury,” which unanimously found that she had defamed Depp and awarded Depp a $10 million judgment.  

“There is no polite way to say it; The jury looked at the evidence you presented. They listened to your testimony, and they did not believe you,” NBC’s Savannah Guthrie told Heard. “They thought you were lying.” 

“How could they not come to that conclusion?”Heard replied InterviewThe show will air Tuesday and Thursday on “Today”Friday “Dateline.”   

“They had sat in those seats and heard over three weeks of non-stop, relentless testimony from paid employees [of Depp] and toward the end of the trial, randos, as I say,”Heard with a laugh. 

A “rando”This is slang for someone who appears out of nowhere.  

“I don’t blame them. I actually understand,”She spoke of the jury. “He’s a beloved character, and people think they know him. He’s a fantastic actor.” 

Heard also criticised the role of social media in the trial.  

“Even somebody who is sure I’m deserving of all this hate and vitriol, even if you think that I’m lying, you still couldn’t tell me — look me in the eye and tell me — that you think on social media there’s been a fair representation,”Heard it. “You cannot tell me that you think that this has been fair.” 

After Whitney Heard returned to Virginia, Heard flew to New York and conducted the interview there. Heard appears to still be living in the house she rented during her trial.