American lad asks for ‘anything British’ for Xmas – responses are rib-tickling


Christmas is only a couple of weeks away.

And that means people are on a last minute scramble to find gifts for their loved ones.

Some people will be content with a Lynx Africa box set or others may be a little more difficult to buy for – remember this girl who penned a pricey 25-point Christmas list?

However, this one American teen’s wish for Christmas has left his relative a bit stuck on what to get him.

Obsessed with British culture, the 13-year-old US based lad was desperate for some more patriotic merch for Christmas after already owning various Union Jack plastered apparel.

So he asked his relative for a vague present of “anything really British.”

boy sitting down
The American lad can’t get enough of British stuff

Stuck for ideas for what to get their nephew, the family member took to Reddit to ask Brits for the nation’s most cherished possessions.

And the responses have been hilarious.

The relative explained: “My American nephew would apparently like ‘anything really British’ for Christmas.

“I was thinking of getting him a Sports Direct mug. Thoughts?”

They added: “Bear in mind that I have lived in the UK for 16 years, so he has already had lots of Union Jack themed T-shirts, socks, etc as well as various snacks.”

Well that is very British

“The other thing I’ll probably be bringing him is a box of that Yorkshire tea that tastes like biscuits.”

Luckily, the Brits have come to the rescue with their hilarious patriotic gift ideas and so flooded the comments with some suggestions.

One person commented: “The most British think I can think of. Teach him to say sorry when he’s done nothing wrong.”

Another person joked: “Clothing adorned with the image of a British soap star. And a tea towel from Scunthorpe.”

While a third person suggested: “Fill the mug with beans, pop a sausage in. Done.”

Someone else voiced: “A Terry’s Chocolate Orange?”

Meanwhile, a fifth user advised: “Lynx Africa box set. The one with the Bluetooth speaker in it.”

Let us know in the comments what British gift you would suggest!

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