America’s Most Famous Sperm Donor – Michael Rubino is Now a Grandfather


America’s most famous sperm donor is officially a grandfather.

Michael Rubino is the father of 24 children. Inside Edition was there when he brought 19 of his children to meet him.

Now, he’s met two of his grandchildren, the twins of Rachel, whose mother used Michael’s donation to conceive her. Spencer, Rachel’s husband, flew to Los Angeles to meet their children.

“I can’t wait,” Inside Edition was told by Michael about the impending meeting between twins Asher & Aiden.

These little boys were Michael’s first grandchild.

“They have 24 aunts and uncles,” Spencer said of his sons’ large family line. “I mean, that’s awesome.”

Michael gifted portraits he created of Asher and Aiden to Michael, who were likely the first of many grandchildren to come.

“You could end up easily with 50,” Jim Moret, Inside Edition Senior Correspondent, spoke to Michael.

“Yea, I did the math and I figure around that number,” He replied.

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