Amy Anzel, star of The Apprentice, apologizes after an offensive tweet caused outrage


Amy Anzel is the Apprentice 2022 Candidat ‘cancelled’Tweeted a comment that appeared to be homophobic.

The American star, who is currently vying for an investment of £250,000 from business mogul Lord Sugar on the BBC reality show, declared herself ‘Queen of the Gays’After attracting an enormous LGBTQ+ audience, you can share your story on social media.

Amy is a supposed friend of the community and even made a quick trip to Manchester Pride last week to take part in an impromptu photoshoot. There are even requests for her to appear on Drag Race UK.

She also tweeted: “The queen of the gays and crabs is heading to Canal Street in Manchester!” “Good morning to the Twitter gays and the Twitter gays alone.”

Amy deleted a tweet that was intended to be a response to the original tweet. However, it caused outrage among fans. ‘joke’.

Amy has inflicted some of the wrath upon Twitter’s fans

Amy was out on Canal Street in Manchester at the heart of Manchester’s gay village. “OMG getting mobbed by homo’s” [sic]Together with a rainbow flag and an emoji of a crying child.

Soon, social media users and members from the LGBTQ+ community posted responses to the offensive tweet. They picked up on the use of homophobic slurs as well as the supposed appeal to the community.

One was posted: “The whole Amy Anzel thing from The Apprentice is actually like so annoying, like whether or not she’s actually queer I don’t know but she just embodies a culture of taking advantage of queer people / culture while doing nothing actually for them.”

Amy will be appearing on The Apprentice

Someone else responded: “I know you don’t intend any malice but please stop using / treating us like a ‘token’ community. It’s not your place nor your privilege to use slurs like that. I know your intentions come from a good place but please do better.”

Another echo: “I’m sure you’re lovely but this comes across really patronising; I have to ask what beyond a meme what have you done for the LGBTQ+ community? Please use this as an opportunity; allyship can be wonderful, & whilst perhaps not your intention this is all coming across performative.”

Other posts featured a clip with a comical woman disappearing for less than a second, and the caption: “Amy Anzel’s stint as a gay Twitter icon.”

Amy removed the offensive tweet

Amy later apologized for the deleted tweet, but she was still criticized by her fans for allegedly blocking critics on social media.

She wrote: “I just want to apologise to the people I’ve upset with a tweet I posted last night.

“It was immediately pointed out to me and I promptly took it down. It was part of a conversation, and I was repeating the words of my friends.

“I really meant no malice by it at all, it was meant with love.”

Later, she offered an apology

She did get support from her fans with one writing: “People will complain about anything Amy – I’m gay and I wasn’t offended at all, just keep doing you!”

A second: “I wouldn’t worry too much – friends say it as a form of endearment with me all the time and it’s clear you meant much the same given your history with our community.”

“Can we not educate someone on why it’s wrong to have said something without being aggressive about it – it was obviously a mistake, which she’s apologised for,”Someone else argued.

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