Amy Loughren, ‘The Good Nursing’ on Stopping Charles Cullen as a Serial Killer Colleague


The brave nurse who stopped the maniac who may have been America’s most prolific serial killer is speaking about the actions she took to bring her former colleague to justice. 

Charles Cullen and Amy Loughren worked together for nearly a year at a New Jersey hospital. They became close friends. 

She didn’t suspect anything until the police presented her with evidence that he was injecting lethal amounts of drugs to patients. 

“He was using were brutal medications for instance that are paralytics, you cannot speak, you cannot fight back, you can blink, you can hear everything that is happening,”She says.  

Loughren was asked by investigators to use her friendship to Cullen in order to force him to confess. 

Loughren claims she felt betrayed by him and she decided to help the police.  

“He murdered people right in front of me,” Loughren says.  

Cullen gave her a confession and she wore a wire.  

Investigators believe Cullen’s murderous crimes spree began in late 1980’s. 

Now Netflix has turned Loughren’s story into a movie, “The Good Nurse.”Loughren is played in the film by Jessica Chastain and Cullen is played by Eddie Redmayne. This shows how she convinced Cullen to confess his horrific crimes. 

Cullen pleaded guilty for murdering 29 people. Loughren, however, believes that this number doesn’t account for all the victims he killed.  

“He attempted to murder who knows how many. And if you take the numbers from previous hospitals, it well into the 100s, the amount of people he tried to kill, but probably did murder around 400,”She says.

How could this creature escape justice so long? 

Loughren claims that Cullen would be moving from one hospital to the next, while keeping his cover as a caring nurse. According to her, Cullen was doing horrible things and hospital administrators knew it but turned a blindeye. 

“They are co-conspirators and I do not say that lightly,”She spoke of Cullen’s hospitals.

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