Amy Schneider Celebrates Yet Another Major Milestone


JeopardyAmy Schneider, the quiz show champion, just won another milestone win. Schneider’s win on Monday night’s show saw her achieve the show’s longest winning streak. The Hollywood Reporter. She is now standing behind Ken Jennings. JeopardyThe 2004 guest host was a winner of 74 games. 

Matt Amodio was the previous holder of the title for the second longest winning streak. JeopardyAfter winning 38 games, his time on the show came to an end this October. Schneider, an Oakland-based engineering supervisor, won her 39th match on Monday’s show. She has now earned $1,319,000.800 in her entire time on the show. Jeopardy. Schneider issued a statement following her win. She noted how thrilling the moment was. 

“It still feels unreal,”She spoke. “Knowing that I had this chance, I was definitely thinking about it. Then Ken said it, and I thought, ‘Alright, I just accomplished this huge thing,’ and it was pretty great.”A message was also shared by the reigning champion to Amodio, whom she will face in the forthcoming Tournament of Champions. She stated: “It’s going to be an honor playing against you, and it’s going to be a tight competition.”

Schneider is not the only person to reach this milestone, as fans know. She became the highest-earning female in show history in December, surpassing Larissa Kelly’s record of 2019. Kelly congratulated KellyTweeted about the feat, and told her it was so great “fun”Schneider: Watch this video “set new standards for excellence, on the show and off.” Previously, Schneider surpassed the record for the most wins held by a woman, beating out Julia Collins, who won 20 Jeopardy games. Her successes have allowed her to qualify for the Tournament of Champions every year, as we’ve already mentioned. She became the first transgender contestant in the tournament after qualifying. 

Schneider made an appearance on Monday’s episode. Good Morning AmericaShe spoke out about representing trans people on the quiz show. “I think that the best part for me has been being on TV as my true self, expressing myself and representing the entire community of trans people,”She stated. “And just kind of showing a different thing than maybe some people have seen, of just being a smart, confident woman and just doing something super normal like being on Jeopardy!