Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, and Wanda Sykes are honored for their opening monologue on social media


The 2022 Oscars A monologue was used to kick off the eventIt was a great show with three hosts, Amy Schumer (regina Hall), and Wanda Sykes (host). The fans love it. They were introduced by DJ Khaled, and the three women then welcomed everyone to the show while poking fun at celebrities such as Timothée Chalamet and Samuel L. Jackson. Schumer then had her own monologue and took jabs at stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawerence, who were both Oscar nominees. Don’t look up

“I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan when they announced them, but the monologue from the hosts was actually pretty funny,” One person posted on Twitter. “I giggled quite a few times!   Another fan loved the Schumer monologue. 

“Ok Amy Schumer is already killing it. Funniest host monologue on the show in a loooong time,” The fan said.Hall stating that she is single is one of the most memorable parts of the monologue. Hall brought Tyler Perry, Bradley Cooper and Chalamet to the stage so they could take COVID tests. 

In February, Schumer, Hall, and Sykes were announced to be the Academy Awards hosts on Good Morning America. “We want people to get ready to have a good time.  It’s been a while,”In a press release, Hall, Schumer, and Sykes said this. The New York Post. “I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea,”Schumer also added “but I am hosting the Oscars, along with my good friend Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. I better go watch some movies.”

Three women will host the Oscars ceremony for the first time ever in Oscars history. It is the first time that at least two women have hosted this show since 1977 Academy Awards. Ellen Burstyn, Jane Fonda and Richard Pryor hosted the show at that time. 

“This year’s show is all about uniting movie lovers.  It’s apropos that we’ve lined up three of the most dynamic, hilarious women with very different comedic styles,”Will Packer, Oscars producer, said.  “I know the fun Regina, Amy and Wanda will be having will translate to our audience as well.  Many surprises in store!  Expect the unexpected!”  

The 2022 Oscars will celebrate the best films of the last year. The film that received the most nominations is The Power of the Dog12. It is followed by 12. Dune with 10,And two movies — Belfast and West Side StoryEach was nominated seven times.