Amy Winehouse’s Precious Possessions fetch Millions at Auction


This weekend’s auction saw millions of dollars being bid on 800 items that belonged to Amy Winehouse, the late singer. One item was a dress she wore during her final performance. BBC reported.

The mini-halter dress Winehouse wore in Belgrade a month before she passed in 2011 sold for 16 times its original estimate, BBC reported. According to BBC, the dress sold for $243,000 NME.

The Moschino bag is a red leather, heart-shaped bag. “Back to Black” singer brought to the 2007 Brit Awards sold for more than $204,000, more than 13 times the estimated value, BBC reported. The black and tan jumpsuit was the winner. “Rehab” singer wore for Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert sold for $121,000, though it was expected to sell for just $1,000.

The auction house Julian’s put on the estate sale in Los Angeles Sunday, with over $4 million raised, Billboard reported. Proceeds from the auction are going towards the foundation Winehouse’s parents set up to help young people struggling with addiction, BBC reported.

Winehouse was a victim of alcohol poisoning in her London home on July 31, 2011. She was 27.

The singer died in the midst of her stardom. She had only two albums. “Frank,”2003, Grammy-winning album. “Back to Black”2006 In 2006, shortly after her passing, her estate was released. “Lioness,”A posthumous album that includes songs that were supposed on her follow up to “Back to Black.”

The 2015 documentary by Asif Kapadia on her life was released. “Amy,”At the 2016 Academy Awards, she was awarded Best Documentary. This film portrayed her meteoric rise to tabloid fame.

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