An Alleged Insider Reveals Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Baby Plans


Are You Ben Affleck Jennifer LopezAre they looking to expand their family? One report claims they have information about their plans to have babies. Gossip Cop investigates.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s Family Plans

HollywoodLife reports that Lopez and Affleck are the epitome of happiness. They’re engaged once more and both already have kids of their own, but do they want more kids? One source exclusively says no: they don’t want new kids because they’re in a new stage of their life.

The plan has been for Affleck and Lopez to blend their families, and it’s gone really well. According to the source, Jennifer Garner thinks it’s amazing, and Lopez is getting along really well with her children. She has a particularly close bond with Affleck’s eldest son Samuel, who is just like his father. Affleck’s three kids and Lopez’s twins mean this family is plenty for the Gigli stars.

It’s pretty reasonable

This insider sounds quite reasonable. Lopez, who turns 52 in this year’s Affleck’s 50th birthday, is 52. They have enough on their hands with five children, so it’s very easy to imagine that they’re content with things the way they are. Samuel was born in 2012, so it’s been a decade since either had to care for a baby.

HollywoodLife could also be a bad source. Once an absolute pariah for misinformation, it’s cooled down somewhat. It’s not perfect, however. It announced that Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and their baby would be arriving in 2022. This is not a possibility.

This story is based on one anonymous insider’s testimony. It also includes the feelings of Lopez & Affleck, which is something that only they would be privy too. Gossip CopTake this story with a grain. It is a very well-thought out guess as to what Lopez or Affleck want. However, neither of them has ever said anything.

Could be worse

We’ll give this to HollywodLife; this story is radically more believable than so much other trite. NWOnce, Affleck claimed that he was having a baby in California with Lindsay Shookus and another with Ana de Armas. These relationships are now distant memories.

In April last year, National EnquirerLopez and Affleck wanted twins together, Lopez claimed. US WeeklyThey believed that they only wanted one. Since these stories were published, much time has passed and there have been no new babies. It’s a pretty safe bet that Affleck and Lopez are over having new kids, but there isn’t all that much evidence to back this story up.

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