An Anaplastologist Makes Prosthetics for a Little Boy who lost his ears in dog attack


A skilled doctor has made a difference in the lives of a little boy who lost his ears to a vicious dog attack in 2018. 

Dr. Allison Vest, an Anaplastologist, restores anatomy such as eyes, noses and fingers with new silicon versions. Her work is featured in the TLC series. “Body Parts.” 

Easton, eight years old, was her companion so she could start the process of creating new ears for him. Both of them were attacked by dogs and he lost them both.  

“The first thing I start with to make your ears is taking an impression,”She explained everything to him.  

“In Easton’s case we had a blank slate,”She spoke to Inside Edition. “You can look at family members and see what genetically his ears might have looked like. You can sometimes ask the child, ‘Whose ears do you like?’” 

Vest used an Easton-like boy as a model to make his new ears. 

Easton was beaming when it came to the big reveal. Kellie, Easton’s mother, was extremely emotional. 

“These are happy tears, I promise, not sad tears,”She spoke.