An DNA Test reveals that women discovered they were switched at birth 57-years ago.


Two women from OklahomaAfter taking a DNA test through, it was discovered that they were both switched at birth 57-years ago.

Tina Ennis was shocked to learn that she was not genetically related to the woman she believed was her biological mother. It brought back memories of her childhood.

For example, Tina says she knew she didn’t look like anyone in her family, including her brother and sister.

Tina was also born at Duncan Physicians and Surgeons Hospital on May 18, 1964. 

Jill Lopez grew up with similar questions to Tina. Somehow, she felt she didn’t fit in.

“I knew that I saw a picture of me and my sister and mom. And I didn’t look like any of them,”Jill stated.

Jill decided to do her own DNA testing, and it confirmed that she was not the person she thought she was. 

Soon it became apparent that Jill had been born in the hospital’s maternity ward 57-years ago and Tina was also born.

Both women have come to terms with the fact that they were raised incorrectly by their mothers. Kathryn Jones is now aware that she raised the wrong child.

“I was devastated. I could not believe it. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it,”Jones said. 

“For me, this is my mom. This has been my mom my whole life. That’s all I know,”Tina said.

Tina will never be able to meet her biological parents who have since passed.

They are now suing the Oklahoma hospital in which they were born and being switched.

“This case is about getting answers, about getting justice for our clients who are totally devastated,”Their lawyer said.

The hospital is now owned by a different owner. According to the current owners, they are not legally responsible for the baby switch. 

Both the 1964 delivering doctors and nurses who were involved in the women’s deliveries have both passed away.    

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