An Original Cast Is Now Producing a Community Film


This news is great. Cool, cool and cool. 

It’s true, the show fulfilled its prophecy. “six seasons and a movie,”Peacock declared Sept. 30, that it was making a Community film. This spinoff will feature many of the original stars of the show, including Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison BrieGillian JacobsJim Rash  Ken Jeong, to check back in with what the study group has been up to since the sitcom ended in 2015. 

McHale, who will serve as an executive producer on the project, revealed the news on Twitter, simply sharing an image that reads “…and a movie”Tagging and identification Community cast. Notably, he also included Donald Glover Yvette Nicole BrownPeacock didn’t include them in the announcement. This could mean that there will be a revival of Troy and Abed in Morning

Greendale Human Beings are also reuniting behind-the-camera with their creator Dan Harmon is back on board as well as writer and executive producer Andrew Guest

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