Ana De Armas posts Fight Rehearsal from ‘No Time To Die.


Ana de ArmasShe has seen many action movies during her career. From car chases to Knives outTo gunfights Blade Runner 2049De Armas doesn’t hesitate to get down. Check out new rehearsal footage. No Time To DieWe are able to see her preparation for her roles.

Here’s a peek at the action

One of the highlights No Time To Die was de Armas’ performance as Paloma, a Cuban spy who helps James Bond. She was able to defy the stereotype of what it is to be a Bond female in Bond films without getting much screentime. The flick’s advertising was full of her image, which is understandable.

Any action movie will require intense training, including Bond. Everyone’s got to be in top physical conditioning and essentially learn how to fight. De Armas currently films GhostedChris Evans, a frequent collaborator. It is still unknown what the plot of the film will look like, but it is being kept secret. De Armas uploaded some throwback images from her time in preparation for the shoot during a recent late-night shooting No Time To Die. Scroll down to see the video.

Didn’t Love Doing It

De Armas doesn’t sound enthused about the “sleepy, cold rainy nights,”She does however write. “I had so much fun with Paloma tho!”The following is an Interview with VarietyDe Armas talked about the training challenges. The director told her she felt unprepared. “‘I just have three weeks of training’ and I said it so many times he said, ‘Say that in the movie.’”It was a funny character moment.

De Armas was able to enjoy the fight scenes despite the rough preparation. “Action movies are definitely not my comfort zone but it was very satisfying to do something new, something that might surprise you.” She prefers deeper character studies over action, but she’s open to doing more punching and kicking.

What’s Next For Her?

You won’t have to wait very long to see de Armas on screen again. If you are lucky enough to have a memory, you might recall that de Armas dated Ben Affleck back in 2019. They made the film together Deep WaterHulu will finally release the movie, “The Killing” on March 18. While the two seem to be on fine enough terms, they haven’t done a press tour together.

In addition, de Armas has a high demand. De Armas is also highly sought-after. Ghosted, she’s also starring in the action film The Gray ManMarilyn Monroe biopic Blonde. It doesn’t look like she’ll be a part of Knives Out 2. Hopefully, she’ll pop up in a future sequel so we can see Marta beside Detective Blanc once more.

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