Anaya Soni, an actress, reveals her struggle with kidney failure


Anaya Soni, an actress, revealed that she has kidney failure and was admitted to hospital earlier in the month. Soni’s health is being monitored. “serious”And the actress appealed to her followers for prayers via Instagram. This Indian actress was primarily a television star, and she appeared on many shows. Naamkaran, Ishq Mein Marajwaan, Mere Sai in her home country.

“Doctors are telling that my kidney is failed and I have to go on dialysis,” Soni wrote on Oct. 1. “My creatinine have come to 15.76 and hemoglobin is 6.7… Condition is serious… I am getting hospitalize in holy spirit Andheri East hospital on Monday… Pray for me guys. A life has not been a easy journey for me was trying to take it easy by enjoying the present moment but yea time aane wala tha pata tha mujhe (I knew such a time will come)… But this too shall pass… Soon have to go with my kidney transplant… will apply for kidney post dialysis.”

Soni posted a Sunday photo of her lab results, and informed fans that she was happy with the results. “not in the state of taking calls right now.”Fans also offered their advice. On Monday, she went to the hospital for a procedure. She even posted a picture from her hospital bed. Her Instagram Story. Soni also re-posted many well-wishes that she received from her fans and colleagues.

Reports indicate that Soni requested financial help because she couldn’t afford treatment. Hindustan Times. According to reports, she also asked for financial assistance last year and claimed that she only has one kidney. She now has one kidney, which her father gave her in 2015. However, it has since failed.

Soni is well-known for her work in television. Naamkaran, Ishq Mein Marajwaan, Adaalat, Mere Sai. Her Instagram followers exceed 30,000

According to the American Kidney Association, acute kidney disease is when the kidneys cannot filter the blood’s waste products. Mayo Clinic. The kidneys become unable to filter dangerous amounts of waste and the blood’s chemical makeup can become unbalanced. “Acute kidney failure – also called an acute renal failure or acute kidney injury – develops rapidly, usually in less than a few days,”Notes from Mayo Clinic “Acute kidney failure is most common in people who are already hospitalized, particularly in critically ill people who need intensive care.”

This condition can lead to death and requires intensive treatment. You can reverse it if your health is good. You may experience fatigue, confusion, nausea, fluid retention, weakening, irregular heartbeats, chest pains, seizures, or coma in the worst cases. 

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