Andie MacDowell Terrified For Daughter Margaret Qualley?


Is it? Andie MacDowellConcerned for her daughter Margaret Qualley? One tabloid claims to have the Groundhog Day The actress worries that Hollywood is taking a toll upon her daughter. Here’s what we know about the mother-daughter acting duo.

Andie MacDowell Fears Hollywood Is ‘Too Much’ For Margaret Qualley?

This week Star reports Andie MacDowell isn’t comfortable with Margaret Qualley’s romantic partners. The new Netflix series features MacDowell and Qualley as the stars Maid as a mother and daughter, but the time they spent working together has given MacDowell a closer look at Qualley’s Hollywood lifestyle — and she doesn’t like it. “Andie is over-the-top proud of Margaret,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

“But she’s terrified because she hands with a wild crowd and dates bad boys.” Qualley’s exes include Pete Davidson and accused abuser Shia LaBeouf — though “Andie did all she could to convince Margaret to break up with him,”The tipster insists. Qualley, who is a ballerina, has a problem with her weight and has become obsessed with it. “[MacDowell] is just frightened that Hollywood is too much for Margaret to handle!”

Andie MacDowell Trying To Tame ‘Wild-Child’ Margaret Qualley?

The way the tabloid talks about Qualley would have you think she’s a teenager, but that just isn’t the case. Qualley is 27 and fully capable to choose her own romantic partners. Like any parent, we’re sure MacDowell worries about her daughter. But we’re also sure she isn’t too concerned about Qualley’s judgement. MacDowell is not convinced that Qualley is out of control. “wild-child.”

MacDowell is another. Recently, she spoke out about working with her little girlon MaidQualley was her motivation to accept the role, she said. “Until you do something, people don’t know you can do it,”MacDowell added. “The person that knew I could do it was my daughter.”MacDowell stated that Qualley and she had a special relationship. “talk about everything. There’s no secrets.”According to what we know, MacDowell & Qualley share an unbreakable bond that is always there for one another.

Margaret Qualley and the Tabloids

This isn’t the first time we’ve busted a tabloid for spreading false information about Qualley. She was a star in Once Upon a Time in HollywoodThe tabloids believed she was trying to seduce Leonardo DiCaprio. Qualley was also accused by a magazine of creating drama for her mother. Obviously, these publications don’t know anything about Qualley and aren’t qualified to talk about her personal life.