Andre Leon Talley, ‘Vogue’ Fashion Icon, Dead at 73


Fashion icon André Leon Talley has died at the age of 73. The journalist and former editor VogueAfter fighting an unknown illness in the hospital he died as creative director. TMZ reported Tuesday. Talley was closely associated with VogueAnna Wintour, editor-in chief from 1987 through 1995. He joined the magazine in 1983 as fashion director. He left Vogue1995: To move to Paris to work W Magazine. 

Talley continued to make contributions to VogueFrom his part-time role as editor, he then returned to full-time as editor-at-large. In 1998, Style Fax was published. Talley was also a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community. He served as a judge. America’s Next Top Model It was also the subject of the documentary The Gospel According to AndréThe following was released in 2018.

He released a memoir titled “Memoirs about my Life” in 2020. The Chiffon TrenchesThe book, which covered everything from his childhood in Durham, North Carolina, to his meteoric rise at the top of fashion and his relationship with Wintour’s ups and downs, is called “The Story of My Life.” He had previously shared the following: NPRAlthough his presence may have been confusing to some, it didn’t bother him.

“I was smart, and I showed it,”He said. “It goes back to when people can’t figure out who you are and are afraid of you – and as you boldly, with confidence, show who you are to the world, certain people just have the fear of seeing someone tall and Black suddenly come on the surface.”Talley maintained that despite being subject to racist behavior throughout his entire life, he kept his head up. “You don’t make a loud noise. You don’t scream. You don’t get up and say, look: Hey, I’m loud. I’m black, and I’m proud. You just do it. And then it’s recognized, and somehow it impacts the culture.”

Following news of Talley’s death, designer Diane von Fürstenberg paid tribute to his legacy on Instagram, writing, “Goodbye darling André. No one saw the world in a more glamorous way than you did. No one was grander and more soulful than you were. The world will be less joyful. I have loved you and laughed with you for 45 years… I miss your loud screams… I love you soooo much.”