Android WhatsApp users alerted about a trick that claims you can read deleted messages


WhatsApp messages once deleted, aren’t gone forever. But if you’re going to retrieve them, you need to be careful about how you do it.

Android users know a way to view deleted WhatsApp messages. This involves downloading one or more apps that can be used for retrieving deleted messages.

WAMR, a similar app, can retrieve deleted messages from WhatsApp as well as Facebook Messenger and other platforms.

Despite how useful this app may seem, it could cause data and phone security problems. Here are some facts about the app.

What is the warning to Android users regarding deleted WhatsApp messages

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Third-party apps that retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages can compromise your phone’s data.

WAMR, which can retrieve deleted data, is believed to have been downloaded more then 10 million times.

Because Android devices use encryption, the app is unable to access your messages directly. The app instead uses your notification history for reading the messages and creating a backup.

The app will detect deleted messages and send you a notification. Additional media, such as videos, animated GIFs, audio and voice notes, documents, stickers, and pictures, may also be extracted from deleted messages.

The official way to retrieve deleted messages is not through the app. There are some limitations to the Android operating systems, and there is a privacy risk when you download the app.

For the WAMR app to be installed on Android, you need to grant several permissions. You could be compromising other apps’ data if you allow these permissions to be granted.

The WAMR app could access and compromise some data, including your internet search history or contact lists. Information Security Newspaper.

Users are asked to weigh the risks of downloading apps like WAMR that could compromise your privacy and security.

Is it possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages safely?

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The chat backup feature allows you to safely recover deleted WhatsApp messages

For both Android and Apple users, there is a safer and easier way to access deleted WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp’s backup feature allows you to retrieve deleted messages from your phone.

This tool can back up all your messages. Users have the option to choose how often they are backed up, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly. Or, you can choose to not back them up at any time.

You can read any message that has been deleted by uninstalling WhatsApp and installing it again. The app will offer you the option to restore chats from a backup when you log in again.

This option will allow you to include deleted messages in chats.