Angela Lansbury speaks out about female sexuality in her video


Following Angela Lansbury’s death, people are sharing their favourite memories of her, from iconic roles to musical moments. One video that’s making the rounds? A clip from Lansbury’s Positive Actions video where the actress discusses female sexuality and menopause—and honestly, everyone should see it. 

Lansbury’s Thoughts On Femininity And Sexuality

Positive Actions Lansbury shared this book and video set in a book and video. “personal plan for fitness and well-being.” The book includes plans for exercise, diet, and activity, all to improve readers’ physical and psychological health. 

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Lansbury, who is now a well-known videoclip, takes a bath and explains what she thinks about femininity. “I think [they] go hand in hand,”The actress said this while taking a bubble bath. 

She continued: “It used to be thought that women lose interest in sex after menopause, but now we know that just isn’t true. Obviously, both you and your partner are different than you were 30 years ago, but if you can accept the inevitable physical and other changes, you can keep romance in your life.”

Lansbury continued to speak about the importance maintaining “a certain sense of mystery”How to present yourself “as a woman of loveliness and dignity,”While she continues to enjoy her bubble-bath. 

She continued: “A woman who feels good and knows she’s looking her best…she’ll continue to attract attention as a feminine, sexual person. The right kind of attention doesn’t have to stop unless you want it to.”

Lansbury’s Incredible Career

Lansbury understood the importance of attracting attention. Lansbury began acting at age 16 and continued her acting career until her death. Her last role will be in the upcoming Glass Onion: The Knives Out Mystery. Lansbury won six Golden Globes and five Tony Awards. She was also awarded an Honorary Academy Award and a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award. She died in her sleep in Los Angeles just five days before she turned 97. 

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Lots of women are finding this video both inspiring and reassuring; Lansbury’s message that feeling good about yourself will continue to attract any attention you might want is one that many women are now taking to heart. 

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