Angelina Jolie And Amber Heard Are Being Similarly Demonized


Angelia Jolie is locked in a heated legal battle with Brad Pitt, her ex-husband. Chateau Miraval, a French winery that they jointly own, is causing friction between the two. Jolie brought a countersuit against Pitt earlier this month. This has made the world reconsider how to respond to claims of abuse and physical assault.

Jolie’s countersuit expands upon the allegations of abuse that Pitt filed in a 2016 lawsuit. The recent filing describesPitt’s verbal and physical eruption. He “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her”Before “pushing her into the bathroom wall.”Pitt is also accused with physically harming his children. Pitt is also accused of hitting one child in the face with a knife, and then he poured alcohol over them and Jolie. The actor was not charged with criminal offenses despite an investigation being conducted into the alleged attacks.

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The countersuit brings more details about the physical violence to the court of public opinion. The countersuit is receiving comments from people all over the globe. Some people have shown empathy and compassion for Jolie and her kids by siding with Jolie’s children. On the other side, many have taken to social media and praised Pitt’s ex-wife.

The public’s response “Brangelina”It is very similar to the backlash Amber Heard felt in her Johnny Depp defamation trial. Depp was found not guilty at the conclusion of the trial. The jury found that Heard was guilty of abuse when she wrote her opinion piece about the abuse she suffered. Both were awarded damages.

Although we may never know what really happened in Jolie’s or Heard’s cases, people are watching how we react. It is how we react to allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault that matters. We must examine ourselves and face reality about what it means culturally, as victims of sexual and physical violence look on in horror at the jokes made about them by the public.

The public’s response shows that our society is still dismissive of women’s accusations. Victims of abuse also get told to stay silent by this misogynistic response. If victims speak up, they’ll be called liars, have their character questioned on trial, or receive death threats just as Heard did.

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To continue the #MeToo movement’s progress, we need to reevaluate how we react to abuse allegations. Even celebrities may be involved. Plus, we need to be aware of our own double standards when it comes to questioning women’s motives in physical or sexual assault cases. Remember that our children are watching and listening.

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